Thursday, March 26, 2009

What storm?

Looking at my schedule since January I knew that March & April will be a hectic month for me as there are too many events, plans. I need to shedule properly to ensure enough energy to go through it. I am all prepared for it, I thougth. The history remain me also...there will always be unexpected things to happen... I leave it to HIM for things happen beyond my control.

Last week as I was ready to attend company event, several sms came from my cousin and then my brother to let me know about ayah. His blood test showed that he has kidney failure and need to be ready in case it get worst .... to be ready for dyalysis. This news shocked everyone in the family especially my mother. I had no idea at that point what to do. But I tried to remain calm and talked to ayah and mak. I had a thought of rushing back to kampung instead of proceed with company event. Honestly, I had been physically too tired to even think of driving home. I proceeded with company event that night so that I could have a nite rest at the hotel and plan to go back home the next day. After consultation with my cousin doctor and nurse who followed thru my ayah case, I was advise not to rush home since the urgency for ayah's dylysis is not now. His kidney only 15% functioning. I followed their advise.

The next day, mak told me that ayah agree to get second opinion on this matter. I make necessary arrangement for ayah to go back to Tawakal hospital to refer to specialist treated him 10 years ago for the left kidney failure due to Tuberculosis.

Due to my business travel to mexico city last sunday, my big man accompanied ayah to see specialist. I knew that big man will be able to calm down ayah and mak better than me for any shocking news. Big man is very calm and relax. For me, any shocking news sometimes make me speechless especially if it was about my family.

A mix feeling I had since I have to be away a week in the land of far away. Again I prayed to HIM to make things easy for me.

Since two weeks ago, office committment had been too much due to discussion on performance appraisal for staff in our group. In the absence of our leader (prolong medical leave) my colleagues and I had to take charged of the discussion which was not even in my expected to do list. For one week we worked from morning to night and weekend. On top of that, I was asked by my bigger bos to decide for taking up higher responsibility at other company subsidiary. Somehow my name was pop-up for potential candidate of that position. Without knowing what I am supposed to be responsibled I can't decide. This seems to be very serious as I was again and again ask to decide. Not is a promotion that nobody would not want to say no. But again...I must like to job to be able to perform. No point to suffer if what you are doing bring no satisfaction which money cannot buy.... I am yet to figure out the next step on this move.

Back to ayah case, result from specialist re-confirm ayah's condition. He will be closely monitored from now on...

I have another two days in Mexico city and will be arriving home on Sunday night. In the mean time, I will have to take things one at a time.... accept what is coming and deal with it... Only HE knows what is ahead of us..

Will share more about the beauty of life while travelling once I had a chance...

Salam from Mexico City...

Anggerik merah
6:45 am
March 26, 2009


Bunga Rampai said...

Salam AM,

Semoga dipermudahkanNya segala urusan - dunia dan akhirat.

Nong said...

Sorry to hear about your father's condition.

U take care...

Mama Rock said...

Oh AM, sorry to hear about your ayah. God willing, everything will be fine and dipermudahkan segala urusan. take care!

dudae_simboyo said...


you back yet? you take care, y'hear?


[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...

teringin gak nk gi mexico..