Friday, July 03, 2009

Life goes on

Exactly after 2 weeks my brother in law passed away, it followed by Pak Long. It struck my mind that in our family the death does not happened too frequent. But once happened at least 2 others will follow. Pak Long follows... Much to write about Pak Long and until know my finger can't even write about it. Maybe one fine day... Yang pergi terus pergi...meniggalkan kenangan dan kebaikan yang ditinggalkan...yang masih hidup harus meneruskan kehidupan..

As of last night too many not so good news heard from back home. Father in law is still in ICU after 4 hours of operation due to complication with hernea and intestine. Big man had to rush back while I have to stay home to get lil man finish his final exam.

My blood test, brain CT scan and EEG was done this morning. Alhamdullilah so far CT scan are good and blood test shows reducing level of good and bad cholesterol... but my migrane still persist as indicated by EEG. My once in a while lost of vision could be due to migrane.

I have to be back on aggressive cycling after too pre-occupied with many things in life especially during weekend. I am tempted to treat myself for my b'day which will fall end of this month... The temptation is a slightly higher end mountain bike for more comfort for an off road and long distance cycling... and something that I could affort to pay...

Life goes on..

Have a nice weekend!

Anggerik merah
July 3 2009
7:30 pm


Mama Rock said...

yup, life goes matter what happens, we still have to pick up the pieces and move on. so the mountain bike dah ada dalam shopping cart ke :) ?

anggerik merah said...

Mama rock...

I am counting from my pocket...maybe tunggu bonus to have my new bike..:-0

Bunga Rampai said...


Kita yang masih bernafas, teruskan kehidupan dengan syukur dan sabar.

Semoga hari-hari mendatang AM yang indah-indah.

Jaga diri!

Salam :)