Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Stay back & cari makan

My friends and I had to stay in the office for telecon meeting with UK from 6 pm to 12 midnight Malaysia time. None of us would want to fly to UK for a short one day meeting considering too much on our plate at this point of time to handle in office. Travelling time would be tiring and takes longer time than to be in the meeting. We packed ourselves with 2 sets of pizza for dinner and stay on to participate in the meeting. It was not 100% efficient as compared to if we physically present there. But at least we get to contribute up to 80% would be good enough.

Today, I dropped dead in the morning. My fibromialgia with paint on my left side fingers came back since the last 2 days plus intense migrane. I can't really stand the rainy and cold weather. This easily triggered the problem. Hence my GP covers me with MC today so that I can sleep more and rest more as needed.

I must admit, it is too much workload to handle which in some ways raise my stress level. October and November seems to be very busy month in the office. Many times I promise to take things easy. But with so many official appointment given to me to participate and involve in Leadership team and several capability building initiatives really creates high stress level until I am able to manage it. The term some of us use..."cari makan" sound too familiar to me.

Anggerik merah
Oct 4, 2009 11:28 pm


Anonymous said...

take care dear, sehari dua ni i rasa lenguh2 di pipi, bahu and tangan kiri. seghiyau kalau kena strok. but like you, more and more are heaped on my plate. oh how i wish i can run to Japan (klu jd i tell you) got another grant, plan to do research on inclusion with F!


cikdinz said...

tak cukup tido, kena migrain ler..

Anonymous said...


dont work too hard, look after your health meh...