Wednesday, July 12, 2006

God knows I want to break free

Has it ever occur to anybody...

When seeing counsellor to vent out the brain content, the counsellor herself had tears in her eyes listening to the person need counselling express his/her thought. So where thus it leads to?

In the mind of the person needs counselling:

1) feel so good to talk it out..whatever it is
2) "God knows I want to break free" of many things at this moment left only with one thing
3) Is she having her PMS also?
4) Now what do I do? Get it done with...

Wish lists:

1) Being pampered from head to toe at places such as Purisanthi Saloon (sheila's) in Damansara for at least 3 hours; body massage, milk bath, hair treatment etc etc..
2) Foot Reflexology at Nuri Reflexology in Medan Mara
3) Outdoors activities..such as jungle tracking or climbing mount kinabalu once more
4) Being in the arm of the love one and do whatever one's wishes
5) Sing & dance my heart out
6) Tasting those mouth watering food
7) Surrounded by those lil kids who I can play with
8) Be with family & friends I miss much and meet the new one

Must not skip:
1) Loads of exercise..back to Yoga & pilate, walking, jogging and gym
2) Eat right
3) Sleep sufficent to re-energise
4) Keep "positive affirmation" all the time.

God knows I want to break free...


Mental Note:
Right timing is so critical for a human being called woman which has similar experience with me. During hormone imbalance everything can go haywire. At least half of the brain is dead. Become so irrational and so much of negative thots. The whole system almost down. The brain and body don't talk to each other until the the damn is burst. Then it takes a couple days to get back on track. It gets worst when there is so much to deal with. The feeling is to have someone to cuddle, hold hand and guide me what to do and how to even think. At least I understand how my body work during this tough time. Ahhh... I want to be alive and get a life again!


Izhal said...

macam syok je milk bath tu... susu suam ke sejuk???heheh...


Nong said...

The best thing in life is to be able to have control of one self.

Bila balik KL nanti boleh lah pamper yourself habis2... Spa, reflexology, yoga... Those activities i love to indulge during my free time... Take care.

ays_as said...

dear AM...
ur wishlist no 1 tu is my wishlist tooo... thats e 1st thing i want to do it balik nnti... hope everything will be just fine with u...
u kat scotland ke... im planning a trip there insya-allah..

Ordinary Superhero said...

Take care.

Queen Of The House said...

AM, almost everything (if not all) on your wish list would require that you be back here .... soon I hope.

In the mean time, pamper yourself over there as well :-)

Take care.