Saturday, April 07, 2007

Memory lane end of 2006

Something which I had in my archieve in Dec, 2006

1) Dato A's special treat in Temerloh (the stall near Sungai Pahang at Pekan Temerloh)...gulai ikan paten tempoyak yummy..(only pic of banner here) .

Everytime I am back to Msia, Dato A's will treat me and my uncle cum family with Ikan Paten Temerloh. We drove all the way from KL to Temerloh for lunch with Dato A and his family. Dato A is my uncle's best friend. I met him during his visit to Edin for official trip last 2 years. I had opportunity to get to know most of my uncle's friend who travelled to where I was before. That is the beauty of being faraway..

2) Investment for health ---still very useful at least until now...The machine massage us from head to toe whenever needed or 15 minutes a day. Surely this cannot replace a conventional massage, ...but but..we can't affort to have that too frequent.

3) Cinta adalah anugerah yang movie in the car during long distance travelling from KL to kampung to celebrate Hari Raya Qurban. As we took turn driving, we have a choice to sleep or watch movie while sitting on the passenger's side.

4) My late grandma's sister (Innallillah...She passed away 2 weeks after this picture was taken. I was back to UK at that time)

5)Believe it or not..My first grandchild, I am a grandma now! My lil man holding my niece's son (grandson of big man's cousin)... and that makes "uncle lil man"


simah said...

Al fathah to ur late grandma's sister...

eh dah besar la ur lil man...dah anak teruna la.. :0)

anggerik merah said...


yes...dah besar...Still he can be overly matured and overly baby..:-)

cikdinz said...

alfatihah tuk nenek....

Idham said...

AlFatihah...untuk arwah ...

ur liL man tu ...dah besar...ensem nya dia!!

nanti ..kita gi sama2 ek cari patin masak tempoyak tu...ermmm yummyyyy..


anggerik merah said...




Yes, anak teruna saya dah besar..In the process of becominf teenage now.

Patin tempoyak tu memang yummy...menjilat jari..

cikdinz said...

takde rasa tua sangat ke bila dah jadik nenek nih...ekekekekekkkk...

p/s:patin + tempoyak = the best....

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

Tempoyak ikan patin is delicious beyond words lah!

Al-Fatihah to your late grandma's sister.

Lil man is gorgeous and the niece is cute. Enjoyed the pix, Tq.

anggerik merah said...


hehehe...memang le rasa dah tua bila jadi nenek.. Tapi nenek berhati muda and vogue...ekekeke


Kak Ruby,

yes..yummy the tempoyak ikan patin.
Bila makan memang terangkat...really mind stimulation..hehehe