Monday, August 11, 2008

Journey-Rio 1

Now is 7:30 am Rio De Janeiro time. It is 13 hours different from home time. We arrived last night at about 8 pm after a 12 hour journey from KLIA to CDG, Paris, 4 hours transit and another 11 hours from CDG to Rio. I managed to get good sleep from KLIA as I told the stewardest that I skipped the late dinner. I need to save some energy as I expected I would be very tired with economy class from CDG to Rio.

At CDG, while on transit, I picked up a couple of fridge magnet from shop and had I nice hot milestrone soup. Still felt my tounge a bit burn with that hot soup till now. I did not at all do much reading in the flight except with some flight magazine. Hence, the book on The Last Lecture by Randy Paush was remained not finished. While in lounge area in CDG, I snapped a few pictures of airport new wing at terminal 2E. I thouch it is very nice architecture, a combinaton of half dome glass and wood strike in between. Open to the or bright gloomy. Yesterday was slightly bright sky. Energy saving architecture.

With economy class cabin on Air France to Rio, I tried to close my eyes as much as I could. It was an intermittement sleep as the cabin was quite noisy with several languages...portuguese, spanish, french.. The leg space was quite cramp. Nevertheless, I am glad that my earlier rest in MAS did help me. Forget about reading anything...that went 11 hours journey.

Arrived in Rio, it took quite q while for us to get our luggage. Surprised to see my Carlton bag was dented, slight deform on the hard case side. A taxi was chartered by the this country's giant company, waiting to pick us up. A name written on placard was misleading as the first name of my colleague was wrongly written. We had to make sure, it was meant to us. With loads of advise from friend we have to be extra careful with safety in this country. We arrived at Ceaser Park Ipanema hotel, facing the seaside, not very far from Copacabana as in the map.

I settled in the room, unpack my things and had a nice hot shower to return to refreshing mode. I tried to fight the jet-lag only until 9:30 am, then went to bed. I woke up at around 12:30 am thinking that it was early morning (i.e. 6 am). Well, I con't go back to sleep. Get on to internet, check email, send email, and and read news. I did browse thru the hotel booklet to find-out what they offered. So many safety precautions from bringing out only necessary valubles up to how to lock the door etc etc... Wow...serious precaution! I don't dare to go out at night even with my colleagues.

I went back to sleep thinking how to plan a day today so that I could be more effective in the day and fight the jet-lag as in the next 3 day of meeting I will be fully alert. Wondering around town with tourist guide is in my mind. I had a dream of it.... but in that dream, I was in Japan...

I was in touch with big man thru SMS as I miss spending my weekend with both men I dearly love. Big man had to attend my ex-boss's daughter wedding and met old friends there. My mind could not help to think about next weekend as I will be back just on time my lil man's birthday. I had reserved two tickets for Disney on Ice High School concert for both of them for Sunday afternoon show. Since earlier plan I was supposed to be back on Monday morning, I could not be there for the show. Big man asked me if I wish to join lil man for the show...if only I don't feel like sleeping... Most likely I will be enjoying my sleep on Sunday next week.

Signing off for now...

Anggerik merah
Ceaser Park hotel, Rio De Janeiro
7:44 am
August 11, 2008


dudae_simboyo said...


wei, apa buat rio tu? jumpa footballer ka?


anggerik merah said...


hehehe...aha ..ya Ronaldo..

Meeting & discussion...and copacabana

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