Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To entertain my sleepless night...I blog.. (update)

It has been more than a week that my body clock was hire-wire. Waking up and feeling fresh in the early morning most of the time. And dead tired after mid day. Much happening since I was back from Rio last Sunday. Listing down..

1) Attending to the most critical presentation for top management. What I said will have significant impact to future direction of how the management would see it and decided to move on. I had tried my best to deliver the fact and figures, knowledge and relevent impact to current and future business in our industry. Alhamdullilah, everything went smoothly. It was quite a preparation for me: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual...I prayed hard and dua so that my brain stay awake and alert to deliver this critical presentation.

Alhamdullilah, the Almightly granted my request. A sudden surge of energy rushed in despite of my hire-wire state of body and mind. All the back-up and moral support from fellow colleagues did help me a lot also to keep me on high spirit and positive mood. Some colleagues said to me to kick some butt during presentation. My response with a big smile on my face is simply ..."I wan't to get it over with and move on...". That set my spirit to face the challenges ahead on responsibility given to me.

The feedback I had from my fellow colleague who was there with me during the presentation, my presentation is just like story telling, very natural, very relaxing and create loads of interest...and some jokes make it lively too.. I didn't notice much what had I done. Obviuosly, I need the feedback from other to know what is good and what is not so that I can make continous improvement. But more importantly I just want to be myself to express humbly and honestly what I know and what I don't know and my thought. The remaining is up to the management for judgement.

Not to forget my lovely lil man and big man who are always there to understand what it takes for me to perform my duty being in demanding corporate world that I am with. At best, I try to balance personal and work life.... Good luck wish from both of them everytime that I have to perform my duty have eleviate my courage and confidence level.

2) While dressing up to work and a usual free show in the morning, I asked my big man if he miss his corporate world and if he ever wish that I be a housewife (taking care of the family in a conventional way). Similar question I asked once in a blue moon. Answer I got from him was..

"I don't miss my corporate world (a.k.a old office) but I miss being at work".

The next one was...

"I don't wish you to be a housewife as I do not have any idea what to talk about if my wife is a fulltime housewife..."

I received his answer with a least I know what his wish is. With him being at home and doing chores in the absence of our maid right now, I pity him and I don't want him to feel stressful about it. We can't have it all in life. We gain some and we lose some. As long as we live our live to the fullest..that is more important.

3) A brief meeting with Pak Payne, Kak Lil, Mama Rock, Pak Zabs and Jo over lunch time was a memorable one..more than word can express. SMS reminder from Jo in the morning while I was half awake...I thought it would be interesting to make a surprise to pop-in just like that since this is the first time to meet Jo & Mamarock in person and getting to know Pak Zabs... :-). Mamarock could spot me right on while I was wondering outside the lunch place at the same time having some conversation over mobile phone on some difficult question to answer.

Pak Payne introduced mamarock and I to Kak Lil (a lovely lady and warm at heart too).

To be honest, I am tergamam not know how to get into the conversation..some conflict identity as blogger and meeting face to face as this is the first time meeting with slightly bigger crowd of fellow bloggers. I am slow at socialising at that moment. Prefer to be a listener rather than telling my story. But with time, if I could stay longer, I am sure I could go with the flow. Pak Payne being so lively at initiating conversation and sharing his stories, while Jo with ever smiling face...mama rock is so calm and rock too...Pak Zabs have many experiences and thought to share, I can tell..

Much more maybe feeling rush in my brain that I need to be back to office to attend to my bosses and still dead tired mentally and physically with jet-lag. How I wish I could switch off that feeling. Since I was back from Rio, I had not been to my head office due to the need to be in other company outfit. Only talked to my bosses over phone and sms. Promised to meet at around 2 pm I must keep to brief face to face on Rio's meeting outcome and yesterday's meeting as they need my input to plan for the next event.

I hate to leave the lovely group of fellow blogger's fren but I hope there will be more opportunity to meet again... and to continuosly be in touch. I realised that I totally forgot to thanks for the kelapa...

Now is 5 am. I had been up since 1 am this morning rising from sofa in living room. I dropped dead on sofa after arriving home from office at about 8:30 pm and simple yet fulfilling dinner prepared by big man. As I was driving home, he called me to ask my whereabout. I asked him if he needs me to buy food on my way back. He told me that he grilled chicken and prepared some salad. It might not be tasteful as he had forgotten how to cook. I told him that I am eager to eat his home cook. Indeed, I eat a lot...

Need to go for now...

Next, will share more pics on Rio...i.e.Copacabana, Ipenama, Corcovado, Sugar Loaf.. etc etc..

Anggerik Merah
5:15 am
August 21, 2008


Update, 11 pm. August 21, 2008

Came back from office today, had dinner and went to zzz land for a couple hours. Something woke me up...while I am still pening2 lalat and on my way to toilet... my mobile rang. Big man was D (pause and reflect).... I am so happy to hear her voice.

We connected and we talked for a while... and it was an exciting conversation we had...shared some bits and pieces the happening... it really make my night brighter!

Thanks D...and you take care. Allah wills we will meet somewhere.....Looking forward to read your own books in the future.

This week is a blessing for many blogger's fren that I had connected with.... but I wish to remain with my identity as Anggerik Merah in this space..


Pp said...

...anggerik :)

i welcome u back fr a long trip....and congrats on what sounds like a v succesful presentation to ur BIG boss. i would hv my tummy knotted with anxieties if it was me who had to do that so soon after touching down.

it was v v v nice to meet u again yesterday. pity u had to run, but like i said ... a short mtg is 1000% better tha not meeting at all...

keep going, u CAN !!!


Anonymous said...


free show? free show? ape tu?

wah, mamarock. punyalah glamor nama. i'm fine. be home saturday till 1 sept when i have to leave again.



Zabs said...

Salam AM,
Tentu letih selepas melalui penerbangan beribu batu. Apa lagi dengan jet-lag dan waktu tidor yang telah tergendala.
Tetapi Alhamdulillah dapat juga meluangkan sedikit masa untuk bertemu rakan blogger.
Anda mungkin betul saya punyai lebih sedikit pengalaman, tetapi tentang hal lain, dan anda pula tentunya punyai lebih pengalaman dalam hal yang berbeza.
Pengalaman yang berbeza ini membolehkan kita berkongsi antara satu dengan ynag lain.

Mama Rock said...

anggerik, it was nice meeting you. i am not good at reconizing people but i was on the look out for perople looking out for others in the restaurant and I figured that was you. well, do gimme a tinkle when you are here, and we'll catch up over a cuppa! and're up a bit too early :)

anggerik merah said...

Pak Payne,

I was happy to be able to pop-in to meet you again and to meet others. Thank you for kelapa...sampai lupa nak cakap terima kasih before leaving yesterday. My mind is somewhere else. You had been so ever lovely person. Everyone feel so pleasant with you.

About presentation thingy..The truth is I had the enxiety thinking about bigger spectrum of information/knowledge that I need to have at my finger tips to be able to answer to the BIG BOS and his team. Try to read their mind and what they are thinking..."a big picture stuff".. while my picture is not that big..but I had prepared it well unconciously & conciously.
What I realised was the deep sleep that I needed the most since all went upside down due to travel and my brain almost went to sleep mode. It was a miracle that I manage to catch 2 hours sleep just before the presentation. It make a big different to my performance. I was happy to be able to contribute and educate the higher management on the subject matter of my expertise. A little contribution from me to the company and be part of future survival of the country to sustain growth in our industry.

Pak Payne, you have always been one of my side kick when come to motivation. I was lucky to get to know you..Thank you.
Not sure when we could all meet again.. Salam untuk Kak Aisyah.


hehehe....anything that is free to seen... no need to pay...

Yup, yup go, please go to mamarock's blog..a lovely lady..

Welcome home to you...boleh lepaskan segala rindu dendam...


Pak zabs,

Saya mengangguk dengan kata-kata Pak Zabs..pengalaman kita berbeza. Banyak yang boleh dipelajari dan menjadi pengajaran bila kita berkongsi. Saya akan selalu menziarahi blog Pak Zabs. Semalam saya dah sempat have some quick preview.. Ada kelapanagan saya akan mengikuti entry Pak Zabs yang dulu-dulu jugak.



yes...yes...definately. If I have some business around the area will give you a shout...boleh hang-out.