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My dear friends, my previous entry trigger loads of concern about my health. Insyaallah, I will keep remembering my current state of health and all your advice. Will take it easy as much as I could.

I was in Awana Genting for the last 3 days...another workshop gathering of technical fraternity within company. Over 200 participants. The workshop was a combination of technical presentations for 1.5 days and team building for 1 day. As usual night activities was filled with BBQ dinner, recap of last year event, karaoke, group performance for the purpose of networking.

My main function was to moderate one of the technical sessions. As usual, I always actively participate in the group performance. This time around, again a Kuck Kuch Ho ta Hei bollywood team the song given to our group. Within short time or group manage to cook-up something for performance. One young lady in our group help to direct our 2 minutes performance. So there I go...dancing the bollywood to kick start the drama....good to loose up the shoulder and know the kind of goyang...whatever people call it. Good exercise too!

Moderating the technical session went I tried to make it a bit semi-formal to trigger discussion.

Yes, I have not fully recovered from the effect of fever I had 2 weeks ago. The join pain is still there. Still a bit of coughing which doesn't want to go away. I got tired very fast. Nevertheless, I try to take it easy. I must keep fit for the next business assignment which I have to travel again for quite a long distance. 12 hours to Paris, then another connecting flight for 11 hours to South America.

My 2 weekends will be sacrificed starting this saturday for work related matters. I realise, travelling for work related is not anymore something that I am looking forward as compared to my young days. But comes with the job function with specific objective to achieve...What I need is the energy to be able to accomplish the task. At this point I have no subordinate to delegate since this area is very new for the company. The kick-start is my responsibility that I have to shoulder.

Both big man and lil man have to bare with me with my missing in action... Not sure what choice do I have right now if I were to stay less hectic with work. I pray that the situation would be better when everything is in place once I have subordinate and the project gets going. Still many challenges ahead that I have to face...for every success there are several frustrations along the way...

I need to go to sleep now... Will keep writing when ever I have the opportunity.

Anggerik Merah
August 6, 2008
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Has said...

AM, let me guess, your blood group either A or AB. Correct? The last entry, my diagnosis probably beginning of a panic attack. Jaga2 kadang2 functional limitation of panic disorder could be more than a real heart attack.

Hey, you can't function like when you were 20 or 30 something. We all have someone like Dr. M, me got too, too busy with making money, don't even have time to spend...pagi elok aje, petang dah jadi arwah.

Has said...


Tambahan, ni Q&A by Dr. D'Adamo, with someone that has palpitation like you'd decribed:

The link is:

I cut and paste here:

Palpitations, shortness of breath resolved on type O diet!

03/26/06, by Peter D'Adamo
Categories: Questions 2000-2006

Today is March 25 2006, I am 63 years old, and I am writing to tell you how "Eat Right 4 your Type" saved my life. Until 1991 I was a typical O, type A lifestyle. Full time ER RN supervisor, Shotokan Karate teacher, occasional SCUBA teacher, building a house, busy, busy. In Oct. 91 while running up several flights of stairs, I was stopped in my tracks by palpations and SOB. I guess my diet and lifestyle caught up with me. My physician ruled out any problems but I did have a 2nd degree block, Mobitz I, that was explained away because of my good physical condition and chest pain that was explained away by reflux, even though I had never had these before and eventually the palpations were explained away by lack of exercise. (what?) I lost a lot of problem solving abilities. For example I went from being able to figure out emergency medication dosages in my head to being unable to double the recipe for banana bread. From the moment on the stairs I had severe tachycardia on any exertion, even minor, palpations, SOB and anxiety that went on for years. I had to retire from Nursing, quit karate and all physical activity. I had to cut my long hair as the tachycardia was too overpowering to brush it.

Over the next few years I was tested for every disease known to man, everything was normal, so then they sent me to the Psychiatrist who also said I was normal and offered me Prozac which I did not accept. One day I put all my symptoms into a Dr friends computer and out came Mitral valve proplapse syndrome, and as I have a mild prolapse I said ah, hah, that's it. I took Lopressor and it did keep the palpatations under control, however the anxiety was a daily burden and several times I contemplated suicide. In 2004 I finally decided to take anxiety drugs and went to a Psychiatrist who tried me on every type of drug he could think of, even giving me pediatric doses and I had reactions to everything , mainly low blood pressure and vertigo, so it was back to biting the bullet.

Then in November 2005 a friend bought ER4YT, showed it to me and I said fine, what's another diet book, I'll try it. After three (3) days of eating no "avoids" both my palpitations and anxiety stopped. I even forgot to take my lopressor, which I took as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning before getting out of bed. On the third day I thought I feel good, why do I feel good, I never feel good. and then I thought, it has to be the diet, the no wheat. My Physician cannot understand it but bought your book.

I am totally off lopressor and I feel wonderful, happy to be alive and though I will not return to karate I am walking a fast 2 miles every day. I have other benefits. I no longer get motion sick, a condition I had all my life. Also I can now drink water. Before it made me gag and cough and I would have to doctor it up with something, not any more. There are two minor problems yet to solve even though they too have improved somewhat. Tinnitus and very little sense of taste. I will omit certain foods to see what makes a difference.

I think my biggest problem was wheat and I really knew there was a problem with bread, but kept on eating it. I recommend your book to everyone I meet. I made aeroplane reservations the other day and told them I wanted a special diet, the "O" type and they did not understand, hopefully one day that will come about. There is so much wheat around, sometimes I go to events and I find very little to choose from but that's OK, I am not tempted at all to stray from what makes me feel so good. Thank you for sharing your research and writing your book. You have given me back my enthusiasm and well being.


Hi Gaenor,

Many of the links associated with being type O and the symptoms you describe are related to the effects of the balance between dopamine adrenaline and the health and effectiveness of the HPA (Hypothalus-Pituitary-Adrenal) axis. It is one of the prime influences that blood type appears to have on stress and physiology.

There are rather sophisticated reasons why type O's seem to be more compromised with regard to clearing adrenaline out of the system, but almost all point to the link between the ABO gene locus and the regulation of the enzyme dopamine beta hydoxylase. In short, as a type O you'll want to enhance your production of dopamine and optimize your metabolism of excess adrenaline.

What dietary secrets are involved?

Well, you already guessed them! Excess wheat consumption leads to increased inability to metabolize adrenaline, whereas higher intake of protein in the diet ehances dopamine production of dopamine.

High wheat intake in the diet is also linked to excessive immune activation in some individuals.

Hmm... Type O... low wheat.. high protein... where have we heard that before?

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anggerik merah said...


thank you so much. Saya akan pick-up the book to read during my travel.

I am type O positive.