Saturday, December 09, 2006


My Russian officemate will tie knot next week at the age of 22. He is more like my little brother in this office. We do have some common interest talking about purpose of life and what is important in life. He continued to work on some of my effort on the project which I initiated as part of my PhD and also deliverable to project sponsors.

Knowing that he decided to get married very young, all of us asked him a trivial question..." Are you sure? ". Well, he seems not having a second thots about it. I notice that he is more alive and happier after his girl friend joined him here in the last several months. For obvious reason, love & passion exert loads of energy and life in his heart.

Before he left to Russia yesterday, I told him to give me a big hug. The reason being, the next time I see him, he will be a married man already.

So, he honoured my request. He gave me a big hug to his little sister and he hold me up the same time he was saying to me "you are very light". All of us in the office broke into a big laugh with his comment. Suddently he put me down and hold me up for the second time...hahaha...all of us in the office kept on laughing. The happy mood surrounded the office environment.

We are happy for the choice he made in his life. We wish him and his beautiful bride all the best and be the happiest and loving couple forever.

Congratulation to Ivan and Marina.

Both of you meant to be together.

Congratulation to my dear beloved fren "A" for successful thesis defence with very minor correction on Dec 5 and another beloved fren "I" on Dec 6 with no correction. Being part of providing some moral support to both of you before your defence and the joyful feeling upon completion really inspired me. It reinforce my dream, imagination and wish to go through that stage.

Dec 9, 2006 4:20


Anonymous said...

do u have long to go?

congrats to ur friend!

maklang said...

Tahniah unutk yang nak berumahtangga dan yang berjaya dengan thesis2 mereka...

anggerik merah said...

not too long..but the last bit is a painful one & too homesick...sigh..
mak lang,
yes, tumpang happy..

rubyahmad said...

You are a natural Anggerek. I meant, you are naturally a good friend to anyone. You don't judge and that is a very special trait. Not many people are like that naturally.

What a handsome couple they make. Gorgeous picture that.

anggerik merah said...

Kak Ruby,
I donno what to say. Thanks for the compliment. Not sure if I really deserve it. I wish just to be myself.

Yes, very lovely couple indeed. Will post their pic after married later.