Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Last few nites I was really full of energy like I used to in the past. Hence, my brain is more effective for touching up my writing. Could be many reasons.

1. Ganoderma premix does make me alert and I am addicted to it…heheh (Dear Has, I think it work for me!).

2. My other half has been emotionally supporting me from distance. That make a big different as I need it to keep going. This process is affecting me emotionally. More than I thot I could handle. I almost lost the so called “Iron Lady” trait in me. I was given a trait mark “ Iron Lady” by some colleague within the company. Hehe…how “lembik” I felt offlate.

3. The thots of going back and to be with my beloved family drive me forward. Family members are so anxiously waiting for me to be back. I have to be ready for makan here and there and being pampered…

4. Fellows bloggers who never fail to inspire me. Even if I thot of not blogging but it has become part of me. I felt like I miss something if I didn’t meet my virtual fellow bloggers. Thanks for being there for me. Even if when I am alone, I felt as if I was surrounded by everyone around me.

5. Friends around me who always there to entertain my ups and down. Even the weather is depressing, I almost ignore it. In fact I enjoy walking in the rain.

6. The goal of finishing the remaining chapters for my supervisor to read during his holiday as he promise. I know that it may not be perfect and flawless. But I have to pass to him whatever I could do now. Emmm...I work better under pressure??

This morning, I met Sayed from Oman at prayer room during Fajr time. Sunrise at 8:30 am. We exchange our current experience of our struggle to finish. Both of us at the same time line. Good to talk about it.

I just came back from airport sending my supervisor back to his country for holiday since he needs a lift. We had a good talk and laugh about life in the car on the way to airport. Well, I am more of listening to him and affirm on some points which he brought up. I felt we had not had that kind of talk for a long time as he always busy with project work and had not much time to spare for the student.

Nevertheless, I tried to calm him down as he told me he always has panic attack everytime he needs to travel. The reason being he has to remember many things what to bring along and worried about leaving his house. One thing that strikes me this morning when I am in his office is that he asked me to confirm the direction of Kiblat. I am not sure why he asked me. I thot maybe he needs to say some prayers to reduce his panic attack of travelling. Whatever the reason is, may God be with him and protect him during his journey and holiday.

The fact that I am not very highly productive...I need a break from this place...

Well, I better get back to what I need to do now… then a break.!!!!

Dec 13, 2006


ninuk said...

good luck and stay focus. can conserve energy :)

~ahni~ said...

Hi AM, lama dah saya tak ke sini.

Takpelah manman buat kerja, janji dateline dpt siap, kualiti pun bagus, lepas tu boleh relax abis

Anonymous said...

tak per tak per..dah tak lama dah... :0) sabar je la..

anggerik merah said...

thanks. I need it :-)


Cik Ni,

yes. thanks. Balik perelih ka cuti raya korban ni?

Yes, counting days.This must end. You take care.

ruby said...

Hang in there Anggerek Merah. Just hang in there and stay focused. Whatever is the outcome, it is the best for you but what counts for more you found out how much people, I mean special people care for you.

I too find in our blog-o-sphere we get drawn to some inspiring good people. I find you sweet, kind and full of humility.

Wishing you Happy New Year and may all the best come your way, insy.

Has said...

he he i echo what ruby had said, keep going AM.

anggerik merah said...

Kak Ruby,

thanks so much. Wishing you happy new year too. Enjoy your holiday.


Thanks. Take care.