Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hakikat kehidupan

To all,

please extend your prayer and dua for Dr Hasanah's friend/patient so that she could continuosly be strong to face her predicament. Please read here.

I was at HUKM on Sunday together with mak and ayah visiting my relative who was diagnosed with bone cancer. My first time at HUKM and also my first time after many years visiting cancer ward. The visit really left me my many thought about “hakikat kehidupan (fact of life)”. Seeing some who had to go through such a tough ordeal in life really break my heart and cut me deep inside. My relative, he is a school teacher with 3 small kids. He is very lucky to have a wife who has to keep shows strong courage to be at the husband side.

The patient just at the opposite side of my relative’s bed is not doing too well. She is a breast cancer sufferer. Had her last cycle of chemo and she is struggling and battling with her life. Her children and relative are around her to read surah Yassin to provide her the strength and comfort. I just can’t take off my eyes away from seeing her. I feel weak on my knee but I stand still to keep my courage seeing her suffering. My mind was traveling long way and every corner of thought about the fact of life and how Allah tested us with many different ways. At the time when sometimes we forgot about his existence and forgot that HE is the ultimate answer to our life. I am reminding myself of many times that I just take things for granted in remembering and devoting myself to HIM.

My photographic memory really left me which continuous thought of some close friends who have to go through similar ordeals. Sometimes I just don’t know how to behave and what to say whenever I meet these friends. All I know is to say SABAR, TAWAKAL & BE STRONG.

I called my officemate’s house today to let her know that I plan to stop over at her house after work to visit her. Her mother picked up the phone and she told me that my friend was warded to at the hospital again today to do some injection of medication on her other breast. I had a long chat with her mother…more of listening to what she is expressing about her daughter’s ordeal. Deep down in my heart, I feel so sad but I keep my courage up to also support her mother in return.

I came home and feel very exhausted. Maybe because of my first day of menses. And it was raining outside. I decided to postpone my visit to her house tomorrow since I feel like I am not physically fit. After dinner, I dropped myself on the bed and woke up at 2 am to refresh. At this hour, my thought goes to some blogger friends who I had been close with in my heart even if we never met each other in person…

What more…after glancing through my beloved blogger friend, HAS, blog entry here, I kept on reading it many many times and could not figure out if it is she or her patient. I wish that I could fly right at this hour to see her. My conversation with Dr Hasanah today confirm that the second portion of the story is about her friend who is now in the ward.

To all who come over here and drop by, please pray and dua for Dr. Hasanah's friend/patient so that she could be continuously strong to face her predicament…

Anggerik merah
4:30 AM,
January 29, 2008


Has said...

AM, ha ha ha, ni la padahnya baca blog, tak tidur malam buta. But then, thank you for your concern, and even if I am still with robust fitness, I appreciate your dua.

Take care


anggerik merah said...


Good to hear your voice just now. hehehe..tu lah...I dah puas tido sebenarnya after come back from office and dinner terus pengsan kat katil. After enough sleep I will wake up...selalunya macam tu. The time for me to read and write.

Insyaallah, I selalu doakan untuk you and others. Love to hear your bouncing fitness...

You take care too.

cikdinz said...

doa untuk relative akak ye...

Kak Lady said...

Salam Anggerik Merah...lama kak lady tak menyinggah kemari...Anggerik apa kabar?

Membaca berita2 tentang pesakit cancer...kadang kak lady kagum dengan ketabahan yang mereka lalui...

Semoga sahaba Dr. Hasanah akan dpt melalui segala dugaan dengan penuh kesabaran ...

Doa kak lay buat semua yang memerlukan...Insyaallah

anggerik merah said...




Kak Lady,

apa khabar? Saya alhamdullilah. Say ada juga ke blog kak Lady. Tapi selalu jadi silent reader.
Sama-sma kita doakan.