Saturday, January 05, 2008

What are you becoming in 2008

I just got back into my house from 7 km cycling with my big man around our area. It feel good... and I have another one capsule of antibiotic to finish...yea! Insyaallah I am recovering from flu...back on my feet again. IDHAM said to me that my body have it's own way of forcing to rest.. I seldom get very very sick...but once I got it, it is totally shut-down. To HAS... mana I nak cari nutan tu kat KL? Apa-apa saja good for immune system I will telan..

I had written my goals in my i-paq several days before new year arrived. All are intangible goals... Yesterday at office cafeteria, one of my collegues asked me my new year resolutions. I told him it does not have to wait for new year to have resolution. However, he insisted must have. I just smile....

Not so got news from one of my officemate. She was diagnosed having breast cancer, stage 2. All of us feel very sad to receive the news. It could happen to anyone of us. And through blogs I have met many bloggers who had gone through this ordeal.

I talked to her over the phone. At that time she was on her way to another hospital to have second opinion. She explained to me how she got to know about it just recently. And she also recalled the story I told her about lump on my left side many years ago. And the doctor suggested to me to follow up with check-up every year. Honestly, I almost forgot about it.

Came back to my fren, she told me that she will call back when she is ready to talk. I tried my best to inject all the positive mood in her for not to worry as there is solution to it...banyak bersabar and bertawakal. In reality, I was trying to hold myself not to think of what if the midst of injecting positive mood to her. I also mentioned to her I knew a number of friends who been through it. Whenever she is ready, I will lead her to these friends for advice. She again said she will call me when she is ready to talk. I presume that will be after her operation. I understand the trauma and to be with close family and relatives would be the priority at this point of time. Let us pray that she will get through this ordeal...

Something interesting I recieved from npl....i paste it here to share
Hi Anggerik,

Happy New Year! I hope you had an interesting 2007. With the new year many people set goals. Often we choose to break a bad habit or decide we want a new car/house. This is fine, but wouldn't you agree that making a change at the level of our identity would be more beneficial and pervasive? For example you could decide to become a more creative person or a better communicator. Or both?! Whatever you choose, pick something that energises and inspires you.

Now one things for sure, we are going to experience many problems in 2008 because that's reality right? Annoying work collegues, dealing with certain family members, traffic jams, Eastenders etc. Isn't it true though that our experience of problems dissappear, when we have the correct mental attitude or state of mind. Problems are going to keep coming, it's inevitable.

To protect ourselves from feeling overwhlemed and crushed weneed to cultivate a powerful determination to overcome allour delusions or bad thinking patterns/habits. So as you think about that now what does the more determined you look like? You can use this as your 'desired self image' in the technique below that is from "The Half Seond Rule."

Automatically Swish Yourself into New Behaviour (This is a very powerful process that enables you to get rid of bad feelings and unwanted behaviour that results from the bad feeling. It's useful for all kinds of things because it're-directionalises' your mind. It re-programs your mind to go away from the unwanted and head towards a more resourceful, possibility filled future!

1. Identify Context:

Pick a situation that induces undesirable feelings inside of you? Where or when would you like to behave differently than you do now? (Examples: An interview, asking someone out, driving onto a freeway etc.)

2. Identify Cue Image:

What do you see in the above situation just before you start doing the behaviour you don't like? Imagine actually being in the situation, seeing through your own eyes. To help get the cue image it can be useful to physically do what you do just before the unwanted behaviour. (NOTE: The cue image can be an internal image inside your mind or an external, real world image.)

3. Create Outcome Picture:

See yourself over there as you would look if you had already accomplished the desired change. Make this image really compelling. How would you stand? What would your facial expression look like? If you had made this change how would you see yourself differently?

4. Swish:

Start by seeing the cue image, big and bright. Next put a small dark image of the outcome picture in the lower right corner. The small dark image will grow big and bright and cover the cue image, which will get dim and shrink away. It can be useful to say, 'Swissssshhhh' at the same time! (NOTE: It is very important to do the actual swish very fast for it to be effective: LESS THAN ONE SECOND! You can repeat the process, steps 4 - 6 and go faster each time until you have done it in less than 1/2 asecond.)

5. Blank Out Screen or open your eyes.

6. Repeat from step 4 again five times.

7. Test:

Now try and picture the cue image again. If the swish has been effective it will be hard to do as the outcome picture will appear automatically!

TOP TIPS: The desired self-image in step 3 doesn't need to be perfect. The question is, do you like it better?

Wishing you good fortune for 2008!



idham said...

anggerik...sounds like u r getting better already...:)

thanks for shring the tips...i am a sucker for these sort of things...and self-image definitely influence one's state of mind, behaviour, words chosen, etc....even the type of people we hang around with.

have a wonderful 2008!


Anonymous said...

look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site

Has said...

AM, bila I got breast cancer I was excited. But it did good. Cuma bila DH dapat cancer, I was down. Hopefully the down period did not wipe out all the goodness of the earlier excitement and motivation.

Now baru nak reinvent the good time again. Tell your friend it is better to lose a breast than to lose a leg. No don't say that, I am just kiddin. She needs her own time to adjust. Kadang2 you cakap banyak sangat pun the person may find it stressful.

Actually, I feel kind of sexy with just one breast ;-)

anggerik merah said...


yes...I am getting much better although not 100% recovered yet.

You are not alone...I am also learning those tips. To practice need loads of discipline though. Nevertheless, our own experince is the best lessons..


I read your thot. I am happy to know that you have bounce back from your down cycle...and salute you for yr campus walking and others physical exercise to maintain body stamina.