Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The return of IRON LADY

Where am I….

I was back from Negeri Dibawah Bayu last week, after 4 days being there to:

1. networking with Norwegian counterpart
2. renew relationship with those in he company
3. socializing (i.e lepak at Pasar malam with Ikan bakar together with old friends, lepak at Magellan Sutera harbour lounge to continue exchange the happening)
4. singing “Chan Mali Chan” together with several colleagues to pay back the courtesy of Norwegian sang their folk song.
5. boat cruise to chase patches of sunset and enjoying seawater wave and cooling wind
6. digging/tapping/exchanging/sharing technical knowledge with counterpart to explore mutual area of collaboration

7. lead the discussion and present the outcome of break-out session
8. sleep with panadol when needed at night
9. internet/email – hideaway for 4 days (seriously I didn’t check my email…)
10. shopping pearls, brooch, the goodies (udang kering, sotong kering, ikan kering…all the kering things pack in a box)

Why the return of Iron lady?

Because that is what they called me before…some says that I had changed to be different after about 4 months I am back home…then I am back to my used to be me. Personally I would feel that I am different from my used to be IRON LADY…this is a new IRON LADY because:

1. I am not as perfectionist as I used to be
2. I spend more on EQ part (brother Idham had written interesting topic on leadership)
3. I could take things in more relaxing mood rather than rushing
4. I can’t work extra mile as I used to be. My body can’t take it anymore. I have to stop when the signal indicate I need to stop. I value my health above all that I need to accomplish
5. I don’t take myself too serious…I did huha quite a lot to de-stress especially with those who love to huha
6. I am still diplomatic as I used to be and I stick to my opinion unless someone tell me it is wrong to say or do so.
7. Most importantly and the most valuable one, I gain back my memory. For some months in the past I didn’t realize that I had lost it.

Above all, to HIM I pray for guidance to lead my life as a humble human being…

The sad story…the first night I arrived at the hotel, I was about to experience that depressing state…I cried and cried to let go…my body shivered. This was triggered by my bos’s sms on some issues during my traveling to Negeri Dibawah Bayu. I told my friend that this is really spoilt my day. But I will not let it conquer me. I don’t want to be pressured by that and I don’t want to be back in the state of depression. It will do no good to me and to anyone. We strive based on our capability and limit. Beyond that if it is damaging, we better stop and take a step back. Anyway, that is life…a mix of happy and sad stories..

Sometimes it is good to be IRON LADY, if not then people will just take advantage of us at work just to meet their KPI..

That is some insight of "the return of IRON LADY" from my experience..

BTW...I almost forgot...

Today is my BIG MAN's b'day ...the XX year. When can I write about him? The passionate, sensitive, patient and loving significant half... Probably enough said about him..



idham said...

:-) welcome back IRAN LADY....and i can relate to that title, having known you and met you. The steel is in the determination to progress and do good - so admirable.

Happy birthday greetings to ur big man...:-)

aww, am humbled by ur reference to my modest write up on 'leading' .....adushhh....


cikdinz said...

iron lady sibuk nya....hehehee...

anyway, hepi besday to your big man...

Anonymous said...

wow....AM "the iron lady"! I never knew this nick was given to you.... Dah lama tak jumpa, tu yg tak tahu tu...ex-NMT kena buat get together soon...almost 20 year leaving our U.

Do send my birtdhay wish to your big man.

I'm coming back to Malaysia 31/1 ni.

Hajjah N

anggerik merah said...


:-)...dok check kat mana steel being imbedded in my body..hehehe..

Your humble written article really match to my thought at the time when I was thinking about it...TQ for writing about it. The fact that you have vast experience in leading, your written article comes from fact.



hehehe...part of the job requirement. Cikdinz apa khabar?

Hajjah N,

hehehe...aha tulah kan...I pun tak tau yang I was called as such until I was about to temporarily leaving the company to pursue my next step few years ago.

Yes...bila nak buat gathering.I dah miss so many time. Dah lama tak jumpa kawan-kawan semua.

Pls call me when you are back ok.