Monday, January 09, 2006

10 Golden Rules

10 Golden Rules of the Art of Total Wellness


There is no better alternative.
The rest are just supplementary.
Always bring our Joys and Sorrows to God.
God is our utmost best friend and companion.
As long as we go through our labours and hardships in His company, we will not find them too hard.


If you want completely zero stress throughout your life…you will be disappointed. But if you accept that life could be stressful and know how to avoid it whenever possible, your life will be much happier.


Repeatedly remind yourself of this phrase because special people behave and think more positively and handle stress much better than a normal person. There’s nothing wrong with being a normal person except that there are too many of them around and sometimes when they handle a problem it is as though the world is coming to an end.


If you back-stab someone or say something bad in his/her absence, please seek forgiveness because even God may not be able to forgive you until you have done so. I know it is tough to ask forgiveness but I believe it is tougher to handle the Black Rubber Ball effect when it comes.

5th: YOU ARE NOT ALONE whenever you suffer from any problem

It is only a matter of degree. For each of us who can afford to read the book, there are so many more who are worse off than us. Don’t look at things like a horse with blinkers on. Open up and you’ll be surprised that you can say to yourself that after all “Its’s No Big Deal”. Also remember, lest you forget your basic tenets “No amount of money can buy happiness”


Talk to the flowers and be friendly with nature and animals because they will never hate you or back-stab you. If they could talk they would always say nice things about you and love you until they die.

Laugh if not smile at least once a day. Find any excuse to do this. If you can’t just smile even if it is for no apparent reason. Try now and see the automatic chemistry changes in your brain. Come to think of it, the brain can be tricked into thinking that you are happy. A real smile or genuine laughter means happiness to your brain.


Checklist method to handle all problems that cannot be solved by normal thinking or problem solving techniques:

Check your emotions
Diffuse your emotions
Find facts and figures
Make a decision
Remember the power of a piece of paper
Change your mental computer
Remember the power of unspoken words


Always go back to your life line whenever you lose track of your life. Always make sure you strive to achieve the following 7 series of success:

Peace of mind
Good health and vitality
Long term love and relationship
Financial freedom
Worthy goals
Self-actualisation (the power of giving back)
Value this moment, Now!

9th: FREE

Focus on your life line and check on your time management.
Rest and get enough sleep.
Exercise moderately but consistently.
Eat-smart. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

Practice a new dieting paradigm:
Eat breakfast – like a pauper
Eat lunch-like a queen
Eat dinner-like a king

Note: Breakfast of clean plain water and fresh fruit is best. Take fruit before every meal.

10th: Use 888-breathing technique

Use the 888-breathing techniques whenever you have forgotten the first nine golden rules of the art of total wellness.

Breathe in for 8 seconds. (say: “God, Thank you, I am alive”)
Hold for 8 seconds. (say: “I’ll do my best, I am special”)
Breathe out for 8 seconds. (say: “I’ll only say good words”)
Repeat the cycle 3 times.


Queen Of The House said...

All sound rules ... now, to digest them and see which ones I can, or need to, apply. Thanks for sharing, AM.

Has said...

Oii, I tak berkenan with the eating dinner like a king, he he nak mampus! Jangan marah, but be light with dinner because you want to be active after dinner time for lots of good things.

And after 40 follow Oprah, nothing after 6 pm, not even a grape, yes that small grape we talking about, not the grape fruit.

Count Byron said...

Thank you for sharing. I always focus on the spiritual side of Dr Nordin... this is something we common people find hard to achieve; being a well-known doctor, then he was on tele..most mornings.. earning fat checks for his practice.. and yet..after his realisations.. he becomes a very humble man..though not meek. He does not look like a weakling.. but his heart and soul is soft like pulp.. try meeting up with him and one will be humbled too.

anggerik merah said...

Actually you need to read the book to fully understand how he derive to this 10 golden rules. In my opinion we could not 100% follow. Even I have something to disagree abt his total wellnes but I adapt whicever relevent and help to improve my lifestyle or bad habits..

Has, yes indeed that part I also don't agree. But I understood that this is his own practice which seems to be worked well with him. I tengok dia ni maintain kurus. Maybe he has low methabolic rate just like me. But normally if I eat a lot at night, then become so malas and not very energetic to engage into night activity... you know what lah..So that part may not be practical for most people, even to me. Oprah ada tulis buku ke? I did not follow oprah for ages and I don't watch TV too much here. I did follow oprah when I was studying in USA during my young age.

Count, correction skit. salah orang.hehehe.. Paham tu.. tak sengaja salah tulis..
You lucky one to meet him in person. I believe what you describe abt him.

Kak Teh said...

AM - thanks for sharing the Golden Rules. yes - I will always remember that I am not alone whenever I have any problems.

Count Byron said...

Anggerik, you have written beautifully. I do not see any mistakes.. oh well.. perhaps if there is one, nobody would be able to spot it anyway..
Well done.
I like the 10 golden rules. Thanks for putting them up.

anggerik merah said...

Kak Teh, hope it will be useful. I am also learning...

Count, what I meant was you called me Ailin in your 1st comment..hehehe..I guess you must have hoopped from Ailin's blog...:-)). Count, thanks also for sharing yr view abt Dr Nordin. Really appreciate it.

annckay said...

living is so challenging...

sya said...

Eating dinner like a King? emmm... dah terbalik

dr in the house said...

This a very good way to be a better person. Just a method, no doubt. But if it can improve our wellbeing why not? But I am sure there are those out there who would label it as an innovation (bidaah)Just like if we read the mathurat every morning and evening as a means of dzikir, some may take it as an innovation as Mathurat is a compilation of surah, dzikir and done in a specific system....allahualam!

Kak Lady said...

Thanks AM for sharing...mcm kata queen...kene tengok maner yang boleh apply...

Count Byron said...

Anggerik.. got your name right this time :)*smile*

Actually our body differs in metabolic rates.. and our blood group too has something to do with the type of diet suitable for us.. so no one can really dismiss either diets. See how we eat in ramadhan?.. our breaking of fast is fit for a king, spelt with capital K I N G. then our sahur is light.. and we survived.. According to some dieticians the body takes 7-8 hours to digest the food. The dinner we take will only be digested in the morning, when we need the energy most!
I leave it to the Doctors out there to debate..

BTW, your mustard fields in bloom right in winter?.. that pic was taken on your way to the airport? or from Livingston to the city?.. just guessing again

~ahni~ said...

AM, rules dia ada yg agak berat dan sukar untuk saya nak faham (due to my poor english) tapi bagus lah u nak share

share lah lagi

anggerik merah said...

Ann, thanks for dropping in. Been to yours too. Just can't imagine how you had gone thru yr ordeal. It is all make us a better person..

Sya, this part is not most commonly agree and rationalise. But Count had share some/quoated view wrt to this.

DITH, I always believe whatever that is good for us as a human being should be followed. Thanks for sharing yr view abt the mathurat, dzikir.

kak lady, betul tu. Tak semuanya sesuai for everyone.

Count, hope you had a wonderful Aidul adha celebration in Muar. Thanks for sahring your view on this point. Mustard field during spring time. It is everywhere.

Ni Ummi, thanks for drop in. Insyaallah AM akan share lagi..

Restless said...

FYI, the 888 rule is a good way to get a slimmer tummy. Do it often!