Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Life Cycle of Learning Stages

As we learn - we go through stages of awareness and competence - a type of cycle which keeps repeating itself while we are on a "learning curve".

The concept of the life cycle of growth comprises four levels of learning.

The lowest level, level four, is where we begin our way up through the cycle. This is the stage of unconscious incompetence. At this stage, we are ignorant, but we do not know it. In other words, we do not even know what we do not know.

We are at the third level, conscious incompetence, when we lack of knowledge has been pointed out to us, so we are ignorant, and we know it.

As we move further up the life cycle, by gaining knowledge and experience in a particular area, we attain the level of conscious competence. Here we have progressed to the point where we have the know-how to do whatever it was we previously did not know how to do it.

The top level of the cycle is unconscious competence. It is here we know how to do what we do so well that we do it automatically - we do not need to stop to think about it.

We remain young, vibrant and creative when we are moving up within the cycle; we stagnate when we remain at any one level too long.

So when we have reached the top level - after we developed to the point of unconscious competence - we must take ourselves back down to the first level of the cycle by exploring new areas, exposing ourselves to new opportunities for creativity, learning and growth.

Ideally, we will always be moving from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence, and then renewing the cycle, in all aspect of our lives, personally as well as professionally.

Successful people are always learning. They know they must keep reaching.


Has said...

And what is fascinating to me is learning from the Quran, each new round of reciting and reading the translation, comes learning and new understanding. Kind regards.

bergen said...

You are so right about this, ma'am.

maklang said...

Yes you are right. Sometimes we are on top and sometimes we are at the bottom. Therefore, never be too proud of what we have coz Allah may take it from us anytime HE wants.

Queen Of The House said...

So true, yet some people think they know enough, they are so pandai that whatever they say discount what others say. Sigh ...

Count Byron said...

Unconscious incompentence to conscious incompetence;
to conscious competence, then up to unconscious competence....

That's exactly the point in time when we do not want to go unconscious!
Some people learn a lot.. and when it comes to practicing what they learnt.. they were just too tired and jaded

..sounds like Dr Nordin's casette in the background?..hummmm

anggerik merah said...

Has, I will do the same as you always do. I only read Quran but not much on translation. Thanks for sharing them in yr entry!

Bergen, pray that everything goes well with yr life!

Maklang, welcome to AM blog. I am yr silence blog reader.

QOTH, yes agree with what you said. People with different charcater & behaviour.

Count, Dr Nordin ada cassette ke? I never come across it. Kalau ada sure dah lama I bought it so that I can listen while driving.
Count, just to declare to you that I had not reach to the max speed of writing thesis...sigh..Now that I am a lone ranger, so no more excuses not to make significant progress! Please pray for me..

Count Byron said...

Yes... he has a casette. I had it sometime back.. cant locate it now.. perhaps I can. It is great stuff.
Theses writing is an art.. the art of keeping it flowing.. just write.. then re-compose.. and add and polish.
I am sure you have more time now but keep your focus. You need that Anggerik. All the best.

dr in the house said...

unconscious incompetence- sombong bodoh

conscious incompetence - for me is the knowledge of the quran as I have so so much more to learn about it

conscious competence- cooking for me but not for Has who has reached unconscious competence for cooking!

unconscious competence- driving a car (sometimes I dont even realize that I have reached my destination!)

Nadia said...

AM, your blog is so beautiful :) reflects the kind of person you are :) hugs