Friday, January 13, 2006

Luck Start With Happiness

A moment to ponder...

Is there a connection between feeling happy and being lucky?

"When you are happy, you are smarter, you interact better with other people and you are healthier," says psychologist Martin Seligman. "All of this adds up to what we commonly call luck."

What is the best way to become happy-go-lucky? Seligman suggests the following steps:

Stop, look and listen. Take time each day to absorb the details of your surroundings. Notice colours, designs and patterns of nature and architecture. This will heighten your sense of beauty and make you feel good.

Realise things could be worse. Make a point to be thankful when good things happen to you. You will wind up dwelling less on bad things and focussing more on taking steps to improve your life.

Feel the bliss. Think about how you feel as you are experiencing what you enjoy most in life. By savouring the sensation, you allow the experience to satisfy you fully and pump up your happiness.

Above picture: my 1.5 year old niece who share the same b'day with me. My little man and I had an honour to name her "Marissa Atifah". She is my parent's sweetheart especially my ayah. Come to think about it, maybe my parent still keep the memories of holding me when I was a little girl. This sweet girl is deeply attached to grandparents.


Count Byron said...


Marissa Atifah.. how sweet! She looks lovely and confident. That's children! We adults have a lot to learn from kids.

Stop, Look, Listen. Take time to smell the flowers. Feel the gentle breeze on your face. Witness autumnal spectral colour changes. Smell your babies and little toddlers (these wont last.. check the expiry dates :) - great sharing AM.

sya said...

AM.. Marissa Atifah.. such sweet name for a cute little girl. When a child smiles to us... his/her smile is truly genuine and honest aalborg said...

eeee... rasa nak cubit pipi tu!

Ordinary Superhero said...

Lucky that little girl!

You're right, if only you realise things could be much worse, then you'd appreciate more of what you already been blessed with.

Ely said...

thats what it is dear. think positive and it will influence ur health subconsciously.

cute little girl...geram!!!