Saturday, January 07, 2006

Golden Rule

Towards end of the year, I was doing some packing of books, cloth and other things, found the book which I brought with me and never had chance to open it for the last few years. The Art of Total Wellness by Dr Nordin Darus which I bought in August 2001. I read it earlier but almost forgot the content. Contemplating if I should sent back or leave with me here if I would have time to read it. Finally decided to read it and if I finish reading it then ship with other stuff. I read this book during bedtime as lately I don’t easily go to sleep at night.

Sometimes I called my mom and we talked for hours through phone at time when I cannot sleep at night. Most of the time I just listen her story as she has a lot to say. She can tell story in great detail and endlessly. Through out my entire life, the first time I feel that I had been closer to my mom. Not that I share much of what I feel in me but she could express her feeling and what bothering her more to me as I am the eldest. She would be wondering what happen to me if I did not call her at least once a week.

Back to the book, I kept on reading it and understand the content. Whichever relevant I try to practice and program in my mind. Coincidently, two days after I started reread this book, Utusan Malaysia under column kesihatan (one of my favorites and must see column) had an article written by Dr Nordin which related to his current ordeal fighting with his big D and the miracle of X-water. That article really make we want to finish reading his book. Finally I finished it this morning. A lot of insight about total wellness I gained from this book.

Reflecting 5 years ago when I bought this book and read it…I don’t see much impact on myself and I was still young at that time and have lots of burning desire, motivation and goal in life to achieve. I did achieve them. But for the last couple of years somehow I realized I had slowly going down hill. Me, who is naturally have a very strong character, determination & self motivation…”the make thing happen person”..lost most part of it and could not see my future and what I need/want/wish seems to be no hope to achieve. It is all very vague..I could not even chart my future……just like the ship with no direction, comes the wind it tilt and with hurricane it drown. And I cannot move if I cannot make plan. I guess I am naturally a goal oriented person. But, I take it as all of this is the test for me from HIM to make me a better person, Insyaallah.

Now, most has to be built once more and maybe some need to start all over again with fresh look. Yes, I accept that the journey of life is always have ups and down. It is just the matter of how we pull our self back together to the right track. Sometimes we cannot do it alone. We need others to help. Knowing and learning from others also will help us to be back on tract because some of us might have something in common that we experience in life. Helping others and being there for them will in a way help us to find our own track.

I would like to capture the summary of this book which is 10 GOLDEN RULE OF THE ART OF TOTAL WELLNESS so that I could come back to read and remind myself and perhaps this would also benefit others... in the next entry.


Count Byron said...

Anggerik : Funny.. true to the adage.. 'great men think alike'.. I took out that book 4 nights ago and started re-reading it.. What made me re-read was a reminder about 'throwing white rubber ball'.. it will come bouncing back to you..
Great man Dr Nordin.. 3 years ago I attended a Total Wellness workshop he conducted.. I learnt a lot from him.. including being humble...
Life is a Journey one has to take charge of.. a well prepared journey will result in a satisfying finish

anggerik merah said... are still blogging? Since morning? hehehe..

Agree with you and also Dr Nordin. His book suit my personal thinking and hw I naturally see things in life. At times when I off track, i need to get that whisper back in my brain to recharge and move on..otherwise I am lost forever..

Lucky you to attend his workshop. I wish one day to meet him in person and also his student lah...:-))

anggerik merah said...

BTW, are you at UTM Skudai? (no harm to ask right...)

dr in the house said...

AM- regarding the x water. My BIL was promoting the filter to me but I just bought RO machine 3 yrs ago. He was preaching to me saying that RO water is dead water and that x water is so similar to RO machine cost a lot thus I cant dump it can i? I have to make do with dead water for the time being, :))

Selamat Raya Korban!

Kak Teh said...

AM - I will get someone to bring me the book - thanks for sharing. Selamat Hari Raya Haji.

Has said...

Dr Nordin my senior, I think he wrote a book on how his Rx water compliment the therapy on his lymphoma.

Well for me it is still Air Ustaz Khairi, RM2.20 satu tong.

Count Byron said...

Hey.. you are supposed to concentrate on your thesis.. not keeping tab on my movement. Ahh anggerik.. you are right.. Saturday is a great day to keep up with blog reading..and helping kids with their blogs too.. but everyday is a Saturday here heh

Yes.. let's meet up with Dr Nordin and his student also lah

UTM Skudai is very close to where I am.. pass through very often..

You from there? Ahh what a small world.. And Leithwalk is a great place besides the Golden Mile that is :)

Kak Lady said...

Anggerik...hope AM akan share ape saja kebaikan yang kita boleh kongsi bersama...looking forward for your next entry...

anggerik merah said...

DITH, according to Dr Nordin's book in the order of preference "pie" water, distilled water and RO water. In his book, he desribed in a great detail about "pie" water. I am yet to learn what is RX water that he synthesized. Composition very close to zamzam as you said?
RO is also good. No point dump your RO machine. Just wonder tak ade ke small & cheaper version of X water machine?

A lot to learnt abt water. My research is also about "water history" the concept introduced by homeopathy (Dr Neurulhuda's expertise). It is amazing with Allah creation of water.

Kak Teh, I was trying to find if Dr Nordin produced latest book because that book was distributed in 1999. So far I did not find. Wonder if others know. Some small part of the book was mentioned in the internet if you browse under Dr Noordin. I believe there are 2 english doctors who wrote abt this concept before. Not sure if they are Dr Noordin's gurus.

I love to read book produced by our local people apart from weatern writers because it incorporate and adapt to our culture and norm bad and good practices. Collections of health and motivation books and cassette filled up my little library at home such as the iron ladys's books, fadhilah kamsah (met him once) and recently Dr tuah. There are two books that I ask my H to bring for me writen by Shahreen Kamaludin. Not sure the deatil content but the title attract me. I enjoy reading this kind of books. Hopefully in the near future to read Dr. Neurulhuda's book.

anggerik merah said...

Has, RX water must be similar to "pie" water mentioned in his book. "Pie" water synsthesized by Japanese. Since Dr Noordin detected blood cancer in 2001 a couple years after his book was in the market, so Rx water must be his new sysnthesis then. Air Ustaz Khairi kat Kelantan ke? Sorry I lost track abt happenings in Msia. Thanks for sharing. Cerita pasal air can be a good blog entry. Has/Dr. Roza or others could share.

Count...hehehe...actually no intention to tap on yr movement. I guess I was surprised to see a quick comment immediately after I post my entry. Jadi apa lagi... menyakat Count leee..dok :-)). For a couple years I could not differentiate weekdays and weekend but now looking forward for weekend and maybe the bad habit of thinking everyday is weekend...hehehe..

Nop, I am not from UTM. Just my wild guess (50:50 chance) your whereabout associate with teaching (?) and oil& gas industry. Your anak pun in oil & gas jugak? When I am back, plan meeting with several Msian health gurus and practitioners.

Kak lady, surely I will share. I do enjoy reading yr day to day stories and yr experience also.

My blog is abt my story and those related to me and also motivation stuff that inspired me and the worst thing is when I have no one to release my stress and unsettle thots during unrational(?) time although I tried to avoid writing it....*keep smiling & laughing*..