Saturday, August 26, 2006

Enjoyable play the art of science...

Another collection of banners between terminal 1 and 3 of Heathrow airport.
These intrigue my eyes & brain (at least for me but not sure for others). Walking between these two terminals more enjoyable indeed.

The irony is enjoyable play the art of science!


Untuk Bunga rampai, ahni, OSH, Bro. Idham & Kak Nong,

thank you for yr concern & wishes on the previous entry. I had tried several times to reply to every comment. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful. I gave up. The following are update:

1) My sup has been transfered to ward yesterday morning. He has a speedy recovery. Dr justified an advantage for him as a sportman. He is the black belt karate man! I will visit him on sunday as I have to send and fetch his wife to/from the hospital. The wife just called me a few minutes ago asking if I could stay with her tonite. Unfortunately I can't be with her due to my current pain & work need to progress. Plan for tomorrow nite to stay at her house.

2) Alhamdullillah, my problem didn't recur up to now. Although I constantly have stomach pain (i.e. once in a while feel like knife cutting) but it is bareable. Ishh...sound weak. Slept and rested one day yesterday do help a little bit. I would only able to see doctor next Tuesday. Here, it takes a while to get Dr's appt unless it is really emergency case. And diagnosis takes ages too. Pray that nothing serious about it. It help to push the worry aside. Everything is in the mind right?

3) I had another 3 hours discussion with Adik F on my work tonite. He is a great help on synthesising some points residing in my mind which I could not sort out earlier. The story become clearer as we discuss.

What I am doing right now is the enjoyable play the art of science. Fun Fun Fun!!! Although still many challenges ahead, Insyaallah will get it done...

Take care and have a lovely weekend to all.

Signing off.

Saturday August 26, 2006


maklang said...

AM, take care....lama tak masuk sini sebab agak sibuk...YOu take care dear...

anggerik merah said...

TQ. AM pun most of the time pi melawat saja blog others. Sibuk jugak. Only sempat baca. Pas tu internet pun selalu hang. U take care too.