Thursday, August 17, 2006


Your eyes speak your heart and mind
Your smile bloom flowers
Your laugh heal our pain
Your heart touch our heart deeply
Your hands hold both of us together

Your little fingers are pleasant to touch and play
Your stomach makes food happy
Your body is so warm and tender
Your feet walk a thousand miles
All about you is our precious gift

Today August 17, 2006 is our wish for you

“Happy 10th birthday my love”

From this day you will carry two digit number with you.

We pray that Allah bless you with the sweetest smile and laugh through out your life.

And we want you to know that we love you so much…

Thank you for being “our precious gift

August 17, 2006


JoKontan said...

Happy 10th besday Li'll Man.

UglyButAdorable said...

happy 10th birthday to your precious baby

maklang said...

Happy birthday lil man...Semoga jadi anak yang berguna satu hari nanti, InsyaAllah...

Lollies said...

wwaaahhh dah dua digit dah ya. auntie pun ada dua digit gak. he he

happy birthday boy

Ordinary Superhero said...

Happy Birthday Lil' Man. Make sure you take good care of your proud mum.

Nong said...

Happy birthday little young man.

From Aunty Nong :)

Nong said...

Happy birthday little young man :)

From: Aunty nong

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