Saturday, August 12, 2006

Invasion chaos scary

I can't take my eyes off most banners on the wall between terminal 1 and 3 of Heathrow airport. Hence I took several shots nearly a couple month ago as I was going up and down between these terminals.

The following pics would be suitable to reflect the situation from a couple days ago in most airport in UK.

My mind is in chaotic state sometimes during this stage. Fully indulge myself into only one thing in hand. But I still use my blog to divert my mind to express other thots, at least through loads of pictures and some words. It help my mind to think.

Good to have a few hours discussion with my friend on my work yesterday, tap my mind from my writing. A perspective from someone outside my area to read my work. He is still young and full of energy. He reminded me when I was at his age. Well, obviously for me, explaining through talking is easier than writing!

Feel good to be able to reflect how I survived tough time in the past, my past successes, experiences and self satisfaction on work. It helps to reset motivation and dream of future wannabe. But, I had come to the point that work is not anymore become the driving factor in life. I will take the challenge but being with those whom I love is number one priority. But it does not stop me from encouraging my friend to chase after it while he is still young and full of energy with all the opportunity given to him. I support & encourage him to go for it.

Also, a friend from Calgary called. He used to be my short term consultant in my project few years back. Very specialised in his technical area. He is an old man..50 plus. Very humble and down to earth person. Nice of him to checked with me every week how am I progressing and that is what he said he want to do every week. He offered to help reading my writing too. Loads of moral support from him and he become my back bone support at this moment of time.

A friend text to me.."how are u? Am at my son's convo. A proud father indeed! U go for ur ***. I will be a proud fren.". Very inspiring indeed! And I am imagining my convo already. I know I am jumping ahead. I keep on imagining...and keep moving forward!

Save the best to the last. Behind the curtain, my big man & lil man, mak & ayah for all their sacrifice. Thinking about them, make me feel like I want to go home now!

Being in front of PC most of the time, I can't help not to go and visit friends' blogs to read their thots and story. But for now, a reminder for me to limit myself. Tendency to spend time reading news on-line, check email, blogging...etc etc for a break from tired eyes? A better option for break is: get out from sitting in front of PC!!! Go outside..

Saturday Aug 12, 2006 9:36 am


Lollies said...

ha ha ha. go outside. but i cannot go outside. It is too hot now.

I think we can find strength when we give it to others, Insya Allah.

annckay said...

yes..go outside and enjoy the heat of summer!

Izhal said...

seram weh kak... macam subliminal message la pulak poster2 tu bagi...looks like you notic these things thus i guess it would be hard to brainwash you...

~ahni~ said...

Dont la go outside, come and visit my blog...heheheh

Kadang2 kita perlu berkorban untuk berjaya, cuma kita perlu fikirkan pengorbanan itu berbaloi atau tidak.

Hope yours worth it.

maklang said...

True...ehen the eyes are tired...tengok PC lagi pedih. Like what is happening to me now...baik masuk bilik and ZZZZZ. BAru mata tak penat.

UglyButAdorable said...

nice pics at heathrow, a year plus ago used to be a row of adverst frm hsbc

anggerik merah said...


sini pun dah mula hujan dah..summer too short!
tulah, summer seems almost gone! Tak sempat nak bersuka ria lama-lama.


hard to brain wash me ka? Hehehe..Itu kena test dulu kot..
BTW, banyak lagi pics of these banner yang I captured. Later one by one I will publish. They are so interesting.


tulah, server too slow to excess. Will visit your! Tak balik kmapung ke cuti sekolah?



best nya dapat zzzzz.. refreshing kan?


banyak lagi I captured. So interesting for me. Will post them later



Anonymous said...

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