Friday, March 30, 2007

I Am

Browsing thru 2 books I received from yesterday, I found this interesting poem. It is written my CJ, AS teens, which is captured in the book as one of the AS case study.
Obviously, my aim of reading these books is to understand better about this syndrome and to be able to communicate well with experts/professionals in this area and teachers. Ultimately to help my lil man to excell in his learning process.
I Am
by CJ Briggs
I am a thinker and a dreamer.
I wonder about everything.
I hear the calmness of the waves
from the ocean each night.
I see the beauty of the sunrise
every morning.
I am a thinker and a dreamer.
I pretend to be tougher than I am.
I feel what the people around me feel.
I touch what I think should be touched.
I worry about the fate of my fellow man.
I cry over the suffering before death.
I am a thinker and a dreamer.
I understand who I am.
I say what is on my mind.
I dream about a peaceful world.
I try my best to make the world a better place.
I hope someday, someway, I will make a difference.
I am a thinker and a dreamer......

The above is extrcated from a book on Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence: Practical Solutions for School SuccessBy: Brenda Smith Myles (Author), Diane Adreon (Author)


Dr Su said...

Hmm a poem about a form of you also join Mom groups on the net, many support groups for young mums. My daughter reads a lot on it and wants to form real life support groups here

NJ said...

Lovely poem, thanks for sharing.

Wishing you and ur lil man the best!

Idham said...


i am a dreamer, more than a thinker
in my dream i see things clearer
i saw u and lil man, hand in hand
chasing butterflies, in an open field full of daffodils
capturing memories, laughing and sharing
ah so special, a mother's loving!


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

I was with Kak Teh and I met Anedra. When I was with Anedra I thought of you. Anedra is so dedicated to her cause. Now I see that in you.

mrfroggies said...

blogged hop fr my hero Mr idham's.

This is an intro.


anggerik merah said...

Dear Dr Su,
I have not yet found the Mom groups on the net. Very good that yr daughter plans to form a real life support groups. It will be very very helpful to share experience and proper ways to manage these kids.

U take care dear


idham dear, are a dreamer and you make your dream come true...

You make me drifted in my imagination with yr beautiful words..

Ahh...I miss daffodils..but all other gestures is there with new environment back here with my lil man.


Kak Ruby dear,

Miss you. Saw you with Kak Teh in most kan..

Yes, I have read from Anedra's blog. I guess when we make to face it, automatically it build strength inside. I learn from Anedra blog also b4 I knew my son have some kind of mild form of Autism.

Will holler you one day. Right now, I prefer to be alone merayap kat shopping complex to pick up things attract me...some kind of escapism...hehehe..woman and shopping! U take care.


I love yr written. Keep going!..:-)