Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slow progress

My brain is really shut down after few days running around here and there. I mean shut down in term of focusing back to my correction and writing.

Or is it because it is still not trained to work during day time as in the past my writing and thinking was mostly at night.

I am really confuse with my brain ability for that... feel like I want to run away...far away...

What do I do now???

Will see if tonite and tomorrow it will be a smooth running.

I have to hit the road now before it gets too crowded...

Have a nice day everyone.



copa said...

have a nice day and try to focus on the best thaughts and be away from confusing

Kak Elle said...

AM take one day at a time:)Don't worry yourself unnecessary...cheer up!

simah said...

ur plate is too full...take a deep breath in...n out...maybe u should go n feed the ducks (if there r any :0))

cikdinz said...

still ok.
sy baru balik site visit tau. matahari tegak kat atas paler....

~ GAB ~ said...

Lemme try to diagnose you dear.

Hmmm... I think your mind is now stuck over something. Perhaps you find it hard to focus due to some little thing that yet to be resolved. You find it hard because too little a thing and yet too heavy a burden for you to carry.

Ehhh... bunyi macam nujum Pak Belalang lak...

Hehheh... I hope you'll be okay in days to come my dear.

anggerik merah said...


yes yes...I am trying hard to focus..TQ


kak Elle,

TQ. I am cheering up now. I guest I must been too exhausted running around. When I sat down, got the culture shock a bit...I shud be ok.

You are right...I need my duck pond back...hehehe..

Instead of duck...I am doing a car race over at the highway..

Thanks for reminding me that duck pond..Emmm..best jugak kalau ada duck pond mana nak cari pulak kat office nih..heheh


ishh..sure rasa sikit terbakar badan...tahan ajelah...

Sir Gab,

Reading what you wrote really make me smile..

Yes, memang betul firasat Pak Belalang tu...hehehe

I need to let some of it out of my brain...Lepas tu rasa ok sikit. If not I felt like it is a movie running in my mind. But I can't write it here. Too complex for people who don't know the story. It is better to write on a piece of paper then throw it in the dust bin...or find close buddy who willing to listen.

Dah tentu Pak Belalang dah makan garam lebih awal dari hamba tentang berbagai pengalaman hidup...

Terima kasih Pak Belalang..

mr froggies said...

i think i know how u r feeling. but then again, maybe i dont. may god bless u dear.

anggerik merah said...

mr froggies,

TQ. May God bless you too.