Monday, March 12, 2007

Oxford Quote

Collections of interesting, tricky, weird and funny quote (in the form of Fridge Magnet) I bought from University of Oxford's bookstore last year....

All are currently stick on my workstation desk at office for me to divert my attention when needed...these are:

One who graduated yesterday and stops learning today is uneducated by tomorrow
Good judgement comes from experience,
and often experience comes from bad judgement!
Learn from yesterday
Live for today
Hope for tomorrow
The important thing is not to stop questioning
-Albert Einstein-
The more I study
The more I know
The more I know
The more I forget
The more I forget
The less I know
So why study?
Anggerik M,
March 12, 8:42 pm


david santos said...

Hello, Angerik!
This work is very good, thank you
have nice week

NJ said...

You mean they sell/propagate the last quote in Oxford too, hmmm...

annckay said...

the more i study..the more i know that do not really know !!hhmm..

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

The fact that there are so many proverbs on the need to study, the need to get more informed, the need to learn, is itself testimony to the sheer importance of acquiring knowledge.

Enjoyed the quotes/proverbs.

How are you dear? Hope things are moving well. Looking forward to our next date once you are freed from work on 'T'. Meeting Kak Teh soon insy. Take care.

cikdinz said...

takleh bagi jawapan lah tuk soalan last sekali...
i spend my whole life for learn and study....

anggerik merah said...


Hi...thanks for hopping in here. You have a nice week too


yes..yes..a bit weird to see this there..


Veru true...

How are you? Yr book is already published? Looking forward to read.

Kak Ruby,

I am fine, TQ. Our plan to get together again is in my list..

Wow...will be meeting Kak Teh soon. Peluk cium untuk Kak Teh..

U take care too.


tu lah kan ...learning is endless...

Congratulation on yr new baby to come..AM tumpang gembira dengar berita tu..

Kak Lady said...

Kak lady paling suka quote yang last tu...

anggerik merah said...

Kak Lady,

quote tu memang kelakar kan...

Has said...

AM, berapa helai daun tu you makan satu hari? I takut toxic pula makan banyak2

idham said...


nice add to my collection. :)

yang last tu tak tahan tu...sbb tu la i dah malas nak study. hehehe


dudae_simboyo said...


hiya, back already?


anggerik merah said...


I replied in your N3. Unlimited quantity I took that daun as ulam some years ago. I was not aware of toxic level associated with it...


hahah...tu lah..that last one is so interesting.. It is true in some ways...whenever felt that way. Then I have to do the reverse pschology to answer again Why study?..

The more you know the more you don't know...hehehe



hi...glad to see you here!

Lollies said...

I like the judgement-experience quote

simah said...

the conclusion is...

D said...

"So why study?" - because we learn right till our last breath (betul tak?). Must always remind ourself, Lillahita'ala.

anggerik merah said...

yes yes.


hehehe...I found that quote is funny.


yes..everthing that we do..Lillahita'ala..we will always find the right.