Sunday, March 26, 2006

The battle within me

Yes, the battle is within me.

I had a total shutdown mentally and physically
Losing the battle is a very close call
For once I thought I burnt out

My loneliness is killing me
At time when I lost my sanity
Feel like I am alone in this world
No single soul

Now I am crawling like a snail
Building my inner strength
Finding my lost path

Hoping to get there one day...

My beloved bloggers
Sincere appreciation for your moral support, for being there and all
I know you are there when I need you
In my lonely world

9 am March 26, 2006


demonsinme said...

Dear Red Orchid,

How could an untouchble being kills,
When it's just a slave a body of flesh holds,
While the birds sing not songs of vanity,
While a budding rose rise in such purity?

A snail is no being known of frail,
When a home it carries along its trail,
Lost it may not from an unseen rail,
As the home it carries shall thwart the gails.

Izhal said...

anggerik macam kat UK je ni... university mana? study apa???

keep it up, like your son there...

Kak Lady said... are not alone in this world....walaupun dalam diri tau...we always give you our build up your inner strength now...& go for can do it...

Memang kadang ada masa kita rasa diri kita kalah dlm perjuangan...namun kita terpaksa teruskan demi untuk diri kita & orang2 yang kita sayangi...

Has said...

It is O.K, you're a snail with a tough shell. But then the one that is moving the shell is tougher.

sya said...

AM.. jaga diri bebaik and take care may Allah always be there next to u.

torts said...
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torts said...

Life is full of ups and downs, faithfully taking turns accompanying each one of us. You're not alone. Ada rahmat behind all these turmoils. Have faith and hang on there!

thewailer said...

Deep expression and beautifully crafted...

elly said...

Dear Red Orchid,

Hang on there...bcos when the going gets tough , the tough gets going.. usaha sebaik mungkin, seterusnya kepada Allah kita berserah.