Thursday, March 23, 2006

Have I lost this battle?

4.29 am March 23, 2006.

At this point, I felt like I want to quit. Nothing that could get into my brain. I read and I don’t know what I am reading.

I feel that I lost my interest and I just want to quit. I had never felt that I am a loser….I have kept going and going all this while. But now I felt that I am a big loser.

Have I lost this battle?


Queen Of The House said...


Within each of us is a hidden store of energy. Energy we can release to compete in the marathon of life.
Within each of us is a hidden store of courage. Courage to give us the strength to face any challenge.
Within each of us is a hidden store of determination. Determination to keep us in the race when all seems lost.

This is just one quote. I will bombard you with more quotes until you are up in spirits and up on your feet. CHIN UP!!!

But take care of yourself....

dr in the house said...

Please dont give up!!!

Remember you've been in this kind of rut before but you persevered. So I am sure insyallah you can repeat your good effort again.

You ve gone this far...please be patient.

There are many dua you can amal to make learning easier for you. Solat hajat.

I am sure Has can help you along this line. She's sent an email, please take heed!

I pray that you will overcome this, AMEEN!

sya said...

AM.. hang on there, Please don't give up. Banyakkan baca Surah Al Insyirah.. semoga Allah kurniakan ketabahan buat AM

maklang said...

Banyakkan bersabar...With the big and small man away, Maklang hope AM jangan berputus asa. Maklang doakan semuga AM akan cepat2 mengcompletekan ape2 yang patut. Semuga maju jaya and dapat pulang kepangkuan keluarga secepatnya..., InsyaAllah.

demonsinme said...

Lady Red Orchid,

For me you have two choice,

1. Quit now, go home, relax and life your life forever as a fine example as a quiter to your childrens, or,

2. Get over it with solat and solawat, lots of patience and lift up your spirit so that forever you will live your life as a true fighter of the odds in the eyes of your children.

What ever you choose to do, remember, its you who is making the calls.

Kak Lady said... can do it...maybe AM dah exhausted...just take a break...bukan lama.. sekejap really need a break...

Jangan cepat putus asa are not a loser...don't ever give can do it girl....

dudae_simboyo said...


just an impasse, lose the battle but win the war....


Mama Rock said...

hey, dont quit! I'm in the same boat here - last 2 nights I calculated my cgpa, in case if i get bare minimum of passing this semester I will still pass, teruk kan? I'm looking at this as a phase that will pass by soon, so hang in there!

Count Byron said...

Hey Anggerik..! I was away for two weeks and you already want to QUIT?
No my lady!
Dont do that!
Dont la Please.
It was the same with me.. i nearly crumbled.. but preserverance saw me through..
and it was a black spot I wanted to put behind me.. and managed to do that I did.. Never looked back since..
So please.. dont..
if there is anything I can do for you... plse email at countbyron50 at yahoo dot com
and dont do something rash Ailin.. dont, please

Count Byron said...

There goes again... I mean Anggerik.. yes please.. Anggerik.. cool it.. there K?

Sayuti said...

ummi pesan, buat sekadar mampu. jgn paksa diri.

kawan pesan, Tuhan takkan menguji apa yang kita tidak mampu.

seseorang pesan, nak berjaya kena ada DUIT.




ada seekor kambing. dia dikejar oleh seorang manusia. kambing itu berlari2 sehingga penat. manusia itu terus mengejar. akhirnya kambing itu ditangkap dan disembelih manusia terbabit.


anda mahu jadi kambing?

Izhal said...

hmmmm... stop reading for a day or two... think about the title you were reading... Insya-ALlah you will see...

bergen said...

Every fight is worth fighting for. It's a terrible feeling later when you think back that you should have be a little stronger. Put up with a little bit more pain. Hold back a few more tears. Put up a braver front. Smile a wider smile.

Every fight is worth fighting for.

Every fight is best fought alone.

It's a terrible feeling later when you think back that you could have won. Score a home run. A touchdown.

Every fight is worth fighting for.
Every fight is worth fighting for.

It's up to you.

Nadia said...

inna maal usri yusra, AM.

La yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'ahaa.

when we go through a struggle it always feels like we can't do it.

Just think, when you're done with this insyaallah, the ayat, inna maal usri yusra will strike you as being so DEEP.