Friday, March 10, 2006

Part of my day

My cozy bed which make me sleep a lot lately (zzzz.....)

View from my window will very much influence my daily mood...sunshine/gloomy/snow (always looking forward for sunshine)

To catch-up with underweight ( the opposite to most people)....I need to take this everyday.

Watching flower blooming and plants growing give me loads of energy..


Queen Of The House said...

AM, I too had to take the weight gain stuff way back then, when I was 20 or so .... and I worked so hard to get some 'muscles' on my arms, and some more flesh here and there. It's no fun being thin ..... but having babies solved my problem :)

That view from your window ... so typical English view ... and so gloomy.

Better days ahead, I hope.

anggerik merah said...

QOTH, i have been underweight all the time except during pregnancy. As long as I am fit, I am happy..

Yeah...always gloomy..

Insyaallah I will be fine. Thanks

Ordinary Superhero said...

does it work? I mean the weight gain. Always been trying to put on some weight - not that successful so far. May be my metabolisme rate is very high.

anggerik merah said...

OSH, It work for me. The pharmacist in M'sia suggested this to me based on many feedback by others. Some improvement. I also do have high metabolic rate. Difficult to put on weight.