Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Change your life in 7 days?

It is good to switch the mind to other book after reading too much of technical stuff. "Change your life in 7 days" by Paul McKenna is the one that I am reading right now. To be honest, I don't even know this author before. During my recovery stage of mental block a few weeks ago, I realised that I had been spending my time too much at home, locked myself to be alone so that I could focus on writing T and I did not go out to shopping complex or anywhere else which might make me spend more money. It is my bad habit if I am under stress, I will spend money like I am a millionaire just to satisfy myself. After I feel calm then I realise I just spend on something unnecessary. Nowdays, I am coping and breaking this bad habit of mine step by step..

Yes, I drove myself to the shopping complex not very far from my house. Bookstore was my favourite place to see if I could find 99 pence books particularly on Yoga or Pilate... Yup, I am crazy about this exercise. I will never forget my pilate/yoga class no matter how busy I am. One and a half hour/week of this session really help me a lot. The instructor is so wonderful and witty and beautiful too (at her 40's). I wish to bring her back to Msia...will see if she agree..

I picked up several books and my fingers kept on searching for more books...finally I found this book, but it is not 99 pence. It is 10x more expensive. Never mind...., after brousing through the book, I said to myself that this book is very simple just like a cookbook or manual. This technique is already in my subconcious mind, part of my life principal. Just that maybe sometimes when my mind is out of bound, I don't have a systematic thinking...So I bought the book which come together with CD and I listened to the mind-programming CD for relaxation. It has been my bedtime story book or whenever I don't want to read any other books.

If I have time later, I will jot down simple steps described in this book as part of sharing the tips abt change your life in 7 days. Sound as if too fast....but possible. The only challenge is to be able to keep going and not to drift away to come back to square one!

If you read this book, what is your opinion of the content/techniques?

April 11, 2006 1:04 pm


torts said...

change ur life in 7 days. very ambitious. Anyway - pls share.

shop till u drop - yep! we do that and we blame the stress ;).

i like you lots.

Kak Lady said... write down all the tips...coz...rasa cam tak caya boleh ubah hidup dalam masa 7 hari je...sebab ade orang dah 7 tahun pun tak berubah-ubah jugak...

bergen said...

Will check on you in 7 days. In the meantime good luck, ma'am.

anggerik merah said...

torts, hehehe..personally, I don't plan to change my life in 7 days as I believe if we go too fast we drop down too fast also...that is whay at first I am wondering if that chan be done in 7 days.

Right now, after reading up to chapter on dreaming,...I stopped for a while coz if I dream too much I will not be able to finsih my T...hehehe.

Instead, I refocus my current priority. In a way this book do help be to reorganise my brain a bit..

Kak Lady, I will try to write them. It is quite simple..but need discipline and the urge to do that!

Sir bergen,mmm...check on me in 7 days? I thot it takes longer for me.. Yup, right now I need a really good luck to get through this process! Thanks for wishes sir.

Ajzie said...

A.Merah, cam best aje buku tuh.. Emm leh try cari nih. Salam kunjung balas dari saya.. A.Merah kat mana eik? I means location?


dudae_simboyo said...


hey, i got my share of 99p books the other day sampai nak overweight.

wish i cud be there for more 99p books :(


Ordinary Superhero said...

Dont worry - everyone indulged in retail teraphy once in a while. The secret is dont carry your credit cards and dont bring too much cash.

maklang said...

I wish I could shop for 99p cross stitch books. Bought a few when I was there before. Still collecting but in Maysia the price is too high for these kind of books.

atenah said...

i read the book called *live the life you love*

....kita sarupa

btw apsal YM tak disambut?

Nong said...

Been trying to change my life over the last 7 years. Masih macam tu je :)

Write down the tips, maybe menjadi this time...

anggerik merah said...

WA, quite interesting book to read.

DS, ...99p books collection!

OS, you are very right abt the secret.I have to also keep reminding myself..

Maklang, kalau jumpa I will get for you!

Atn, ya lah sista, kita serupa..

Nong, yes, I will share when ever I have time to write.