Friday, April 21, 2006

Strikes the balance..

Sunny day view from living room's windows.

Lets get messy on the table....notebook, portable DVD player, technical book, work book, motivational book, spiritual book, conventional organiser, electronic gadgets, drink, purse, glasses, tissue....more books on the floor to keep the mood going..

View from bedroom window on clear sky day

The little man on the screen making funny faces.

One of my favourite "lepak" spot during weekend (once in a blue moon)..

Part of way forward for changing life within 7 days?


Ely said...

tha bridge picture looks like the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. nice pics!

JoKontan said...

Kat mana tuu the Lepak place. Bay Bridge ?

maklang said...

The book at the bedroom window tu is the best book!!!

sue said...

bestnye..kalau tension at least ada nice view out there..good remedy

Mr Hobo said...

a room with a view ..... nice!