Saturday, April 01, 2006

Smile and laugh

Previous entry pictures of my niece and my cousin's son taken almost 10 months ago. They grown up by now. These pictures are so theraupatic for me. Make me smile and laugh..

The previous entry title ( the beginning has its end...) carries several meaning at that time. Mainly thinking of saying goodbye to this blog or take a break which I can't decide at this moment. Simply because knowing the existence of blogging world on the first place and created mine is resulted from many reasons of my blogging. People that I came to know as a virtual friends and also some who are real does make a lot of impact in my day to day life. As for blogging, maybe not to leave but to take a break for a while..

Niece of mine (Marissa Atifah; my son and I were honoured to name her) might be a mirror image of me in some ways because we were born on the same day. July 23 that is. Yet to tell and its is really depend on how she will be molded to carry her character.

My mom, many times expressed to me that she observed my son so much shows his affection toward this little cousin of him. He kept on kissing her chick, cuddle her, hold her hand, feed her and share food and many things with her. This little cousin of him is also very attached to him. Never that my mom observed similar affection shown to other cousins or babies. Being alone without any sibling, my son is quite possessive. Will not tolerate sharing in some aspect.

I am so happy to hear this story from my mom. It is really a blessing. Thinking outloud from my mind, maybe he miss me too.... miss my kiss and my big hug every morning and night..before going to bed, after praying and before stepping out from home to school.

May you have a wonderful weekend...more smile and laugh...yes, I need loads of that too..




maklang said...

I pun sure will miss my young man if I were to live far away from him, like you do...Even now baru alih bilik tidur dia, rasa rindu aje nak peluk dia masa dia tidur ....

Izhal said...

aiseh, you live apart from your son now? seriously i know how it feels... when my 1st was born back in 2003, i was away and saw him only when he was 4 month old... during the 1st 4 month, i was nuts eventhough tak pernah jumpa...

u just hang in there, take time off blogging or what ever you want to do or have to do... mainlah msn messenger video conversation ngan depa di sana :)

sue said...

Dear anggerik:
smile and be happy...:-)