Saturday, May 06, 2006

Asam garam kehidupan..

Sunday, April 30 2006.

One of the nite as I curled myself inside telekong waiting for Isyak prayer and pondering the days that passed, a phone rang. I picked up the phone. So very soft voice I heard. Quite sometimes I did not hear that soft voice. It was very early in the morning the other side of the world. We talked to each other softly although not much that we talked about. We end-up with “I miss you” and “I miss you too”.

Wednesday, May 3 2006. (sent)

I miss you, I want you and I wish you are by my side at this moment (triggered by Spring season, hormone change, yoga effect and misc. related to it , :-))


Thursday, May 4 2006. (replied)

I miss you too. Wish I can be there with you.

Asam garam kehidupan...


Kak Lady said... miss your little man ke...your big man...or....a friend from the past...

maklang said...

Miss dua2 tu...tapi kalau triggered by Spring time tu, Big man lah tu

anggerik merah said...

Kak lady & Maklang lambatnya tidur! Cik Abang tak cari ke?? Sorry nak menyakat!:-)

maklang said...

Cik Abang problem...Kalau ada keperluan dia akan signal jek...ha...ha...dia ada kat sebelah ni....