Friday, May 19, 2006

Lil man… we proud of you!

My dear lil man,

Mama & papa are so joyful to hear the news today that you manage to exceed the limit of the requirement for you to move ahead to the next grade despite of missing half year of the lesson taught in your new school. Your teacher was also impressed with your accomplishment.
Well done my love.

Your highest score is 2A. That is for Arabic and Social Studies. Social Studies was not a surprised to us as you had studied that in UK. But Arabic is a surprised. Maybe because you know that you could not depend on us on that subject since our knowledge is nil on this language. It also could be triggered by our encouragement that you will teach us this language since we don’t learn it. Yes, you will be our teacher. What I said to you this morning is

“ if one day, we were in Middle East, you can be our translator ..that is so great! ”.

I can feel how much this make you believe in yourself on something that you are good at.

Mama and papa do not impose too high expectation out of you as we do not want you to be too stressful to meet too high expectation. We wish you not only learn but to be excited, curious and motivated by your subject. We tried as much as we could to help you during this process.

Mama can only help motivating you from far and papa had done a big job there to guide you with lessons. I knew papa is very excellent and patience teacher which I don’t have much in me (Thanks so much papa!). What I have is only strong determination, courage and motivation which inspire you to do the best that you can.

Thanks to you sayang for hard work and doing your best. Although sometimes mama can smell from your voice through phone that some subjects you felt only half that you managed to answer and the remaining you did not really understand the question. Don’t worry, will give it sometime for you to catch –up.

Well, my love, that is already a big achievement … we are proud of you.

You also inspired me and continue to do so in many ways. Do you still remember when I was practicing for my presentation for Madrid that evening. I asked you to comment. The first time that I was practicing to explain the material verbally before leaving for Madrid the next day. I stumbled into word and the flows of thought while you just observing me. After finishing it, your comment was

“Mama, you must understand what you are talking about. Make it simple and fluent. Go slow and be more relaxing…”

How sweet to hear that from you. You are indeed a very good observer although you don’t understand the technical thingy that I am talking about. That word of yours, a 9 year old boy, always stick in my brain whenever I need to deliver my speech.

Yes… you inspired me in many ways which takes me a while to ponder and write about it. One day, I will write all those sweet collections about you who make a different in the way I am thinking and see life through your beautiful eyes. You are a precious gift from HIM indeed.

That is the price that I paid to guide you on your presentation skill for your project work on your favorite country. That is Japan. You practiced your presentation in front of me and we really had a lot of fun and joy together between mama and son! Those sweet moments which I treasured a lot.

Japan have been a country in your wish list to visit. Your reason is that Japan have so much of new Technology. I reckon you get this idea from play station, cartoon and many other sources on information which leads to your reasoning. My love, may your wish come true one day. We will pray and dua for you.

Don't forget to express your sincere appreciation and love to Tok & Tok Ayah for all their sacrifice especially during this difficult time with no helper and mama is not around. Without both of them, our family would have been in a big mess. Nothing that we can buy to pay back their sacrifice. All done out of love to us all without expecting anything in return.

My lil make us proud!

May you bring joy to everyone around you.

Friday, May 19 2006, 14:33

Future entry: lil man, his dino and ambition


Idham said...

*salam* anggerik...
this lil man, am proud of him just from reading ur entry...this lil man, he is so cool!
and the mama to this lil man, she sounds like a wonderful mama herself...ahh, and for her to remember tokayah...that is just so has soft spot for a daughter who remembers her ole' man.
ps: i hv added ur blog to my link...since i visit u quite frequently nowadays...:) hope u dont mind.


anggerik merah said...

Salam to you
Id, a letter to my lil man for him to read tomorrow morning.

My son make me realised hw much my parent love me..My old man especially never express much when I was young. That is his natural character. But when I grow up, I learn to understand that the love for his daughter is in him. I have a lot of him in me to begin with. But I have to find my own identity & my own role model. Alhamdullilah I found some part of it..still learning alot through life experience.

Alamak, this make me sad but happy at the same time.

My pleasure to hv this blog link to yours. Can I hv yours link here?We can all together learn from each other.

atenah said...

so sweet
u & hubby r so lucky to have him
am wondering which school he is going right now, have just stumbled upon on the net of this Islamic school on the way to Zoo Negara

maklang said...

Congratulations lil man...maklang is proud of you too...

sue said...

soo sweet..congratulations to both of you ..

ays_as said...

wahh congratulations!!!!
this lil man will be a successful man one day.. moga dia terus membesar menjadi anak soleh...ameen

anggerik merah said...

Atn, a gift which nothing else could replace

Maklang, thank you. Your bundle of joy make you a proud mom too!

Traveler, thank you. Hang on there dear. InsyaAllah one day, he will bless you with that gift!

Isas, thanks for dropping in. Fi is yr source of inspiration! Semoga mendapat keberkatan from yr doa.

simah said...

congratulations tour lil man..and u sounds like a sweet mom..he is indeed a lucky boy..

Ordinary Superhero said...

Congrats to the Lil' man and his MUM.