Friday, May 19, 2006

That Sweet Smile

May 1, 2006. (20 days ago…)

For almost a week I did not switch on TV. Almost forgot that I have TV in my living room. Last night, I had text message from adik N to tell me that Tom Cruise is on Channel 4 movie, The Firm. I told her that I will switch on TV now.

Some of us really fancy Tom Cruise for whatever reason. I am one of them. I had carried this from my undergrads days while I was in USA starting from Top Gun movie. His smile can melt my heart *wink, wink*. Old habit dies hard!

After 5 minutes, another text message from my front house neighbor alerted me about Tom Cruise movie. I was laughing to myself in my living room. I jokingly said to my neighbour, seeing Tom Cruise on TV make me feel hungry immediately. Now I feel like eating! I am gonna have my dinner.

I went to bed with smiling face and deep sleep. Luckily I didn’t dream of Tom.


maklang said...

I was in the USA jugak dulu masa Top Gun...

Idham said...

eheh anggerik...
mcm mana i nak antar sms ni...*wink* mana tau i ternampak tom cruise crusing along ka...hehehe...
*salam anggerik*


Count Byron said...

What is it about Tom Cruise that sends girls crooning?... I really don't know. Perhaps the lure of a peeping TOM? or a CRUISE to the Carribean? or perhaps meeting up a PIRATE of the Carrib? or better still the PILATE sessions? ahhh.. wish I'd know sooner

anggerik merah said... itu zaman kita muda2 dulu..Tapi la ni pun muda lagi lah *wink*...hehehe :-). Have a nice weekend.

Id...first, in shock to see that pic of yours..nasib baik tak jatuh kerusi kat office nie..LOL.

Talking abt Tom make my knee weak ..hehehe. pls, sms together with pic as an evidence!
BTW,you ni kat mana? Jeddah ka? Singapore ka? Msia ka? Me confused..where got Tom there?
Sorry, I have got no time to write to you yet. Will do when the weather is clear..donno when though.

Salam Id and enjoy yr weekend whereever you are.

Sir Count, you make my day...part PILATE tu yang I tergelak besaq..
I donno other girls abt this Tom thingy..but for me, his SWEET SMILE!!! Difficult to explain the effect..hehehe. Have a good weekend dear Count!

Ely said...

tom cruise is soooooooooooooooo over rated here that when i see him, i rasa jelak gitu.

hes still cute tho but aiyoh...tak bolehlah, i cannot see him anymore...enough of him hehehe.

as for u my dear...who knows u might dream of Tom Cruise tonight, if not, Tom the cat fm Tom and Jerry pun ok kan?


anggerik merah said...

Ely dear, my imagination of Tom masa dia muda dulu lah, zaman Top Gun..minus the current one..

* Giggle*..yea, tom the cat that is cute one!

Have a good weekend to you. Take a good rest!

simah said...

men will never understand why girls croon over tom cruise *gigles*..we we girls do right?

Queen Of The House said...

Masa Top Gun dulu tu, I was in the US too. Those were the days.

Nowadays, especially after reading that Tom Cruise made the statement that he was willing to eat Katie Holm's placenta after she delivers their baby .... I dah tak lalu dgn Tom Cruise.