Monday, May 29, 2006

Goes on..

Part of Harry Potter Tour to Oxford (as lil man enjoyed it so much..)

Travelled to the ancient university city of Oxford for Harry Potter sights. Christ Church College, Oxfords largest college, which was used to stage a number of Hogwarts interior scenes.

Great hall was used to accommodate the great feasts at the school.

What goes on...

1. Recovering from flu as fast as possible
2. Project Presentation on Thursday
3. Final countdown for writing & submitting draft
4. Fetch lil man (a travelling alone boy**) from Heathrow on Saturday (mama's earlier promised to lil man).

Being apart from him for about 4 me crazy! Will see how much he change within 4 months. I am excited already! But wait...hold it..lets get excited about presentation on Thursday first...hehehe!

** Kept reminding him.."whenever you want to go to toilet to pee, let kakak stewardess knows. She might be shocked not to see you at your seat..and don't wonder around too far in the plane in case you could not find your seat".

He said to me.." mama, why do I have to tell I want to go to toilet..."

I stopped thinking, why do I worry so much because he will be well taken care off as a travelling alone passenger...Ohh hooo..this lil man can't be patience enough not to move around. He will get bored and at time when he is so obsessed playing with his dino he can move around many miles.

5. Life goes on....

ALL TIME LOVE (Will Young)

Sometimes you walk by the good ones

'Cos you're trying to hard, too hard to see them

And sometimes you don't find the right lines

'Cos you're trying too hard, too hard to hear them

But you know what it feels like

'Cos you're like me

And you won't give up

'Till an all time love

'Cos nothing else is good enough

I want an all time love to find me

Some days you're too set in your ways

And you forget to shut up, shut up and listen

And some days you just have to misplace all your mistakes

Somewhere that you won't miss them

So stop lying that you're fine

'Cos you're like me

And you can't give up

'Till an all time love

'Cos nothing else is good enough

I want an all time love to find me

I don't believe that it's a failing

I don't believe that it's a fault

'Cos if everything were plain sailing

Oh tell me what would there be left to resolve

But an all time love

'Cos nothing else is good enough

I want an all time love to find me

I want an all time love

'Cos nothing else is good enough

I want an all time love to find me


Have a wonderful life ahead! :-)

Monday May 29, 2006.

P/s I need link (mama earlier promise to lil man) to old entry didn't work. What did I do wrong? How to do it correctly? Anyone out there can teach me? Thank you


simah said...

Enjoy life!! kirim salam to ur lil man! hensemmmmmmmmm ...:0)

anggerik merah said...

Simah...yup I have to enjoy it..otherwise I will become insane. You know lah duduk sorang2 (since 4 months ago)can be so very depressing. Never that I talk to myself this much before.

I will tell lil man upon his arrival that untie Simah in Turkey kirim salam..I am sure he will ask many question like has he ever meet you etc etc. I can show him your blog..

Idham said...

:) ....i can feel for u...
hang on there....he is so hensemmm...
cheer up eh anggerik!


anggerik merah said...

Id, I tak sedih. But very lonely and this flu is killing me because I need to be alive and kicking at this moment to accomplish what I need to do. Time is running out!

BTW, the gelek song in yr blog is very entertaining! I am glad that in another few more days lil man will join me for a month. I will have him to cuddle, talk, chase & tickle & argue too ...*big smile*

Queen Of The House said...

AM... I can almost feel your excitement! And it is very brave of your little man to travel alone. I'm sure he will be fine.
I hope you are feeling better too.
Ish I envy you ... boleh visit all those nice old buildings!!

It's school holidays ... we want to go somewhere tapi tak tau lagi nak pi mana.

Eh, all your links seem to be working fine. Yang mana yang you kata is not working ni?

anggerik merah said...

QOTH, I am the one who worry to much abt his travelling alone. He is so confident.
Queen, mai la sini kalau ada kesempatan. If I am still here, you don't worry abt place to stay.

It is 2 weeks hol ka?

Abt link, what I mean is i tried to link "mama earlier promise to lil man" to my old entry in Feb. Tak menjadi. Apa kah salah ku? Cuba cerita mai sat..:-)

maklang said...

Bestlah lil man ada sana ngan AM.

Enjoy yourself...

Nong said...

I hope you'll recover from your demam soon to enjoy your lil man's company. Best nye...

I can feel your excitement. Take care...

ays_as said...

tgk muka lil man, rasa mcm nak p sana jumpa dia je... tomeyy gitu... n very brave one aa this lil man..tabik2....

errr e HP thingy look interesting... hmmm

bunga rampai said...

Moga AM cepat sembuh.
Comelnya lil man ... cubit sikit :)

anggerik merah said...

maklang, memang tak sabar nak tunggu dia datang. Tak ada lah I dok tengok dinding & cakap sorang2 everyday. But must juggle between him and work. Anyway, as a mother naturally we are trained for that.

Kak Nong, alhamdullilah dah baik sikit hari ni. Weekend was aweful. TOmorrow I have presentations to do which I need to cover 4 topics at one go. Terus speedy recovery from flu.

Isas, mai la. lil man tu pemalu orangnya.

You should go visit Oxford. I like it so much! Dah dekat from yr place right?

Bunga rampai,tq. dah baik banyak. I tak tahan if too long outdoors when the weather changing 360 degree. My body defence system is so weak. Sila kan cubit dia..sure dia lari lintang pukang..hehe

sya said...

AM.. happynya jumpa lil man kan?

Count Byron said...

That confident Lil man will grow into a handsome, much sought after prince, and mama will be smiling thinking of all the pangs of separation she had to go through. Take care of ur health AM. It is as important as a PhD.
And Enjoy your time together.
Kang Count mai Morningside..tak ada tempat nak tidur plak? Ke di Penicuik?

sue said...

i'm happy for u..hope u enjoy this moment..

nutter said...

yeay! "non-bloggers" dah boley comment! hehehe.. *applause! applause!* ;)

re: link. that's because you have not 'written in' the correct address link when you dah highlight the sentence and clicked on the 'link button' bila nak post an entry.

say for example, you wanna link to the entry on "heaven in your eyes", then... the 'link' should be:

gutlak... :)

AuntyN said...

All the best for the presentation Anggerik. Wah the lil mann is going there ? That's really nice isn't ? Enjoy OK

Take care

anggerik merah said...

Sya...memang happy..:-)Sya apa kabar?

Count, thanks so much. Ishhh...tak pa, mai lah. Nak bawak satu family pun boleh. Mesti boleh squeeze lah.. Morningside tu tempat lama Count ya? Penicuik tu kampung kan? I like the view in Penicuik. Bila lil man mai nanti I will merayau with him on a very warm day. Will take few nice pics at Morningside and Penicuik for you.

Traveler. TQ. How are you dear?

Nutter, baru perasan that my blog comment is only for bloggers. Thanks for pointing it out. Yes, definately this change is for you. So keep coming. You know only when I am at home I open YM. Tu pun kalau ingat. Lately dok berkampung kat office most of the time. BTW, yr 3 kids sihat ka?

AuntyN. Thank you. Half yearly presentation was done yesterday. A good one. Alhamdullilah. Surely I will enjoy his company in between leaving him at my friend hse when ever I need to be in the office. Sekolah cuti tak pi jalan ka?

Idham said...

I am wishing u a HAPPY reunion with LiL man tomorrow!

hugs n kisses for Lil man!

idham .

anggerik merah said...

Ok I will hug & kiss him for uncle Idham kat Jeddah...;-)