Friday, June 02, 2006

Will be here

The lil man will be here tomorrow. At this time he must have been to bed to get enough rest for a long trip alone.

Mama: Are you excited about coming here for a wee while?

Lil man: 50 – 50

Mama: Are you excited about getting in the plane tomorrow

Lil man: Very very excited

Mama: Hope you will enjoy yourself with the in-flight entertainment

Lil man: May be they don’t have too many choices for me on the game

Mama: Ok. At least you will enjoy the food such as satay. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before going to sleep. (I am thinking to myself….oh .. me turn to be worst than my mak…).
It will be very comfortable with a wider seat and I think you can make it into bed also.

Lil man: Ok

Mama: I hope you can make friend in the flight

Lil man: yup.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be holding the card (can’t remember what is it called) looking for this lil man of mine.

May all of you have a wonderful weekend alone or with the love one..

Note: I need to change my current status of single, married but not available to single parent for the rest of the month...hehehe...;-))

Progress made:
1. recovering from flu (done with speedy recovery, maybe another 10% to go)
2. presentation on project to sponsors (done, 2 hrs continuous presentation. bravo. big smile for sponsors and other. pushing factor to get myself moving fast to complete the big T (fingers cross) provided I am mentally and physically healthy...keep smiling and laughing that is the trick! and relax)
3. final count down writing draft (on progress..can't quantify yet...sigh)
4. Pick-up lil man (in 20 hrs time)


Idham said...

happy mama...excited son...oh what a joy!
happiness is seeing the lil man walking out with his eyes darting looking for you...
happiness is, kneeling to hug and kiss him....with all of mama's love and affection.

enjoy the full month of being a single parent...he will be exclusively yours!

idham <--a smiling uncle.

anggerik merah said...

Uncle id,...I am excited to have him around. Oh ya he will be exclusively mine. But never know. Entah2 dia lebih suka bertengek with his best friends instead. Because his Mama don't play PS2 or PSP and don't know much abt cartoon tingy.

Don't be surprised if I disappear for awhile from the blog world.heheh...:-)will see. Entah2 lagi banyak nak cerita..hahaha..

I tengah mabuk niii. It is all your fault introducing me to Elissa..hehehe :-) Thanks to you.

erggg...melanun Elissa's & Amr songs on MP3 after back from office. Of Elissa...I like so much Agmal ihsas & law-tearafo..and few more yang soft & lentok tu. Meleleh ayaq lioq bila dengar. Sedapnya..

So, at least a week, my ears will be with Elissa & Amr..

maklang said...

I am so happy for you...Enjoy the time with lil man...

anggerik merah said...

Maklang dah sampai KL ke?

Count Byron said...

Happy re-union to you, A mother and Child re-union.
And i've dedicated an entry to you this morning.
Enjoy your Li'l Man and your time together to the fullest, AM.

Nong said...

Enjoy your precious time together with you lil man...

Take care of yourself,be strong and have a clear mind nak complete you big T. Mesti lega dah habis presentation tu....

Will check on you bila i balik cuti nanti...

simah said...

ada orang dlm cloud 9 la ni..masyaAllah..happy single parenting!! :0)

MA said...

Wah wah wah....

Enjoy yourself with your Lil Man. I cannot imagine the separation - I yang gi outstesen 1 week ( domestic lak tu) pun kenot tahan.

But all in all - the sacrifices we have to do in the name of life kan ?

Hang in there.

Has said...

AM, good thing you're done with the presentation before the arrival of your lil man....hmm..happy moments as what is happening with our Roza.

sue said...

have a great time with lil man and don't forget to share it with us that precious moment... :-)

Idham said...

Waaaa terus lupa blog....hehehe enjoy eh anggerik!

this is my new url...yg lama telah di samun org ...


ays_as said...


hv fun with lil man...
salam2 for him... if got e chance..teringin nk jumpa that lil man :D

anggerik merah said...

Count, thanks so much for yr kind dedication. As I said I am speechless.

Kak Nong, Thanks so much.

Simah...yup sangat happy. Enjoy very bit of time.

Mak Andeh. Very true. Being separated for a while drive me crazy. Having lil man around, macam energy boost to 200%.

Has, Thanks so much.

Traveler, Thanks. I will share the story whenever I have time to write. You take care of yourself! I am happy for you.

Id, since change status to single parent sampai tak sempat nak update blog ..hehehe..Sibuk with mother-son relationship..

Isas, thanks. Will will smapai salam for him. If there is chance boleh jumpa. Where about are you?

Ordinary Superhero said...

Cherish the moments and convey my salam to your big lil man.