Tuesday, June 06, 2006

060606... the milestone ahead

Just a few minutes ago, my sup called me to inform that one of potential examiner from Europe will be here on 21 July 2006. He was asking me if I could have my draft ready. I told him that I will submit to him in by end of this month as I informed him earlier.

Now that the project meeting was over and I want to refocus back on my big T. As I mentioned to him earlier that I want to abandon some of my work plan since we did not receive certain facilities up until now. I will make do with whatever data that I have during proof of concept work. It has to be the end somewhere. I believe he got the point and he is trying hard also to help me.

He said that it will be too short a time and I might have to pressure myself loads. I said "let’s give a try to proceed with this plan". And he agreed to it. Deep in my heart I don’t want to delay any further. Too many challenges ahead which could delay this process. I could go on and be obsessed about it but I am not staying here forever.

So we agree to proceed with this plan and I know it will be very hard for me. I pray and dua so that I stay mentally and physically healthy to reach to the anti-climax of this process just like others who had gone through it earlier.

060606 the milestone ahead….

1420 Tuesday 060606


atn said...

adoiiiiiiii (eh *kena* ke my komen dgn yr entry ni? :)
have fun with yr lil man

simah said...

Good luck!! At least when u r in stress..u can always look at ur lil man n have ur heart melted n smile for a while...lepas tu.balikkkkkkk kerjaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...*hugs* jgn overdo kerja sudah..nanti sakit kang sendiri susah :0)

Idham said...

when the sky is grey...with the wind lashing on ur face, and u run for the shelter.

Just know that for u i pray...may God give u and lil Man lots of happiness together ...with each other...from each other.


anggerik merah said...

Atn...memang sakit but no pain no gain.
Thanks. I really enjoy having him around! My level of loneliness & crazyness staying alone has dropped significantly..hehehe..

Simah, Thanks. Memang betul. I think my progress is much better kot although I m running crazy with time. I am the type make more progress under pressure. No pressure I become lazy & brain don't work. My old bad habit which difficult to change!

Id, wow..I love that...sky, wind shelter..*wink*. You are one of them who hv loads of wisdom and the sky is the limit.

The happiness which money cannot buy! I am thinking abt to have my lil man to stay with me here until I am done. Tengah dok fikir pro and con. Yet to decide.

nutter ze sensible said...

u'll be amazed at how strong women (read: mothers) become when they have their children to think about. verdict: let him stay till you finish. seriously.

anggerik merah said...


thanks. Very very true what you say. I have not made decision yet. Will definately consider. You take care!

Ella said...

Hi AM.... all d best 2 u.... n oh i have to said that to meself too... my hubby keep asking me if i can submit before we're going home... hopes my brain can work better under the pressure... fenin!

N... yap have fun with ur lil man...

AuntyN said...

Dateline tu dateline jugak, tapi enjoy lah jugak dgn the Lilman tu. At least terubat rasa rindu tu kan. Sure dah boost up the energy and motivated sikit to work kan?

All the best anyway

maklang said...

good luck and all the best!

anggerik merah said...

ella, all the best to you too.

Auntyn, ya lah boost-up motivation to get things done. But at the saem time have fun with lil man too.

Mak lang, Thanks.

Izhal said...

dont wory lah you'll do fine... ipray for you and all scholars alike... AMIN... im also having my viva at the end of this month :(

Idham said...


what ever the decision...:)
do what is best for him....that will be a good guide in deciding.


anggerik merah said...

Izhal, let's pray for all of us and all the best to you & others too.

Id, thanks.