Friday, June 16, 2006

I am fine

I felt much much better today. I have my energy and zest slowly coming back. Yesterday morning, I went to discuss with my sup to arrange for examination on my T. He said to me I look very stressful. I told him that I am better today. I don't need to explain to him more and never that I want to show sometimes I do have this feeling of just want to go away for a while and come back. But never that I want to give it up after all these years of hard work. I know I am almost there. Just that my brain & eyes just could not stir at it anymore at this time. My body is also giving a negative signal.

For the last few days, I just let the time pass and loads of sleep and walk around (i.e. tawaf kampung and campus). I see things, I observe people around me. I lepak at cafe and saw a friend. We talked for a while. All this helps to put things back in perspective. But I know I don't have the luxury of time like others at this point just to lepak and do what I like to do.

Some pics which I took around kampung & campus.

I went to pick up lil man from my friend's house and took him to shopping complex to eat, to buy PSP games, food, read and buy books at the bookstore...just do things together. I bought him a shirt (with J. D. pic) and book on Pirates of the Caribbean., dead man's chest from Disney store. He love this movie. He could not wait for the movie to be out in July.

Last night, he introduced me some characters from his current favourite animation movie...Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children. I was in his world. Trying to understand him. He was so eager to share it with me. I thought that movie is cool. Even with all animation but it appears as if it is real. It is Japanese movie. I don't understand why my lil man is so hooked to Japanese movie and stuff. I guess in his mind is so much of fantasy and imagination. At time it is difficult for me to understand and read his mind.

I bought a book for on sale on the Human body. A simple book with many pictures. The content is not only about human body as the title indicated but it encompass body systems, the brain and senses, the mind and psychology, communication, health and illness and keeping safe. Most of other books about pilate and yoga I had already collected. I have my heart on this type of books off late. Adding to my books collection.

LOVE you all..

Friday 9:39 June 16, 2006


Lollies said...

err i am new here, but I understand you are feeling a bit off. Understatement? hugss anyway and glad you are fine now. Take your time. There are only two options. Stay down or bounce. I chose the latter after a few months being here.

Hugs again.

simah said...

u sound better today...*hugs* anyway.. the pics r wonderful..tawaf satu kampung n kampus definitely is much much better than makan choxolate.. no 1..u dont gain weight.. no 2.. look at the green !! jelous pulak i.. take care ok? :0)

anggerik merah said...

Hi lollies,
Welcome. Yes I am a bit off. I can't think and handle things when I am in that "mello time". You know what i mean. Everything can go down the drain. That is what happen to me the last few days at the time when I have to make critical decision. I hate it so much but writing it out do help me. If I need to plan for something critical I have to choose my date carefully otherwise the outcome can be disasters. Teruk kan? Now I am bounce but still too weak to be up and running.

I had been following yr entry for quite sometimes especially the time when you are struggling with taking care of yr late mum. It is realy a test right? Glad to know that you are doing fine in Qatar. I do have friend there too.

Hugs you back.

anggerik merah said...

tu laaa.. that day I lupa pasal chocolate even I skip drinking my morning hot chocholate. Next time kena letak alarm clock to remind me abt chocholate..hehehe..

The green is so pleasant. Thanks.

Nong said...

I am glad that you are feelling a little bit ok now. This entry is more *ceria* than the last one...

When life pushes you down, push back.The struggle you have is what you need to keep you moving on...

Take care...