Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My captain Jack Sparrow

My very own captain Jack Sparrow.

He is looking forward to watch this movie. Hoping that we could both watch together here. Unfortunately the movie will not be shown until next month.

My captain Jack Sparrow collected a book with telescope, a hat, and a pair of shirt. On top of that he also collected his psp games & movies of harry potter and final fantasy.

In a few days, we will be apart again. Although we could not spend time together all the time while he was here but we do spare some precious moments together whenever we could.

My captain Jack Sparrow wishes is just to stay as a kid, not growing up.

Mama said, "it is fun to grow up. why don't you want to grow up?".
Captain asked his mama "don't you want to just be a kid?".
Mama can't argue about it. Of course it is so much fun to be a kid. No worry. No obligation.

Mama told him "no matter how old you are, you are always my baby".

Our wish if we could freeze the time and enjoy that moment before we let it keep going.

Tuesday, June 27 2006. 4:22 pm

The garbage entry was related to my decision to move ahead on my current mission. Many factors & implication need to be considered. It is not easy to decide but it has to be made and move along with guidance from HIM... we can plan but things happen for a reason or no reason. Life must go on...


Idham said...


The nuances in ur entry tell a story....from afar, I can see and feel.
I wish you and ur own captain Jack a wonderful mama + son time before he leaves again. He will grow up just fine...how could he not be with a wonderful mom as you besides him.


*u r in my prayers*


anggerik merah said...


that is what mother is all for.
Now, I felt guilty if I caused tears in people eyes by my story. Maybe I should write the funny story. I wish I have one right now.


annckay said...

reference to the garbage...travel light dear AM, like the musafir..

simah said...

enjoy ur son...:0)

sue said...

hope u had a great time with lil man

anggerik merah said...

thanks. Yes, that is why i made such decision.

thanks. read yr love story over cyber world. Cute. Apa kata orang..asam di darat ikan di laut...

traveler, you take a good care of yourself.