Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jack's story

Jack Irvine is an electrician. A very nice, warm and friendly man. From the look I can guest that he is already 40 plus. When ever we met or he came to my office to test the electrical equipment for safety, we always ended up with conversation on many things. Mainly about day to day life.

I knew him ever since I am here. The group of electricians and technician here has been very wonderful. They are much specialised in their skill but they are also were friendly and warm to be with, to talk about how we see life and how we should treat our life or just how the day affected our mood. I always feel that they really appreciate my present although we don’t deal with each other every day but it is enough to feel the comfort and release to know that they understand the struggle that people like me have to go through. I don’t have to tell them the story but they can see straight from my eyes no matter how sweet smile I am trying to portray.

This morning Jack came to my office to check on safety of heater. As usual we catch-up with each other on happenings while he waited for the equipment to be tested. He was one of people here who always kept asking me to let him know when I am going back. To everyone here that touch my heart I always told them, I will not leave without saying good-bye.

Jack told me about his ex-girlfriend Ann who is half Malaysian and half English. I almost forgot about detail story. So today the story came out again. He said his ex-girlfriend is already married 4 – 5 years ago and now she already has two small kids. He believes she is still residing in Malaysia since her husband is Malaysian. I can see from his face and his eyes the frustration or sadness telling me that story although he is so much portraying his sweet smile. I just listened to him.

He told me that his mother is always cursing him for not marrying his ex-girlfriend and hence being single at this age until now. Every time he remembers Ann, at that instant also he can hear his mother’s voice kept repeating in his ears. The voice saying that he should have married that nice lady. It was really a big mistake for not doing that. He told me a story about how his mother and he met this lady during their trip on the same bus in Austria for the first time. He recalled the exact moment of love at first sight (as I concluded it). He described in detail about it and I just listened to him.

He didn’t tell me why he didn’t make a move to ask her to marry him maybe because I didn’t ask him. I felt the time is not appropriate to ask that question. I would rather let him talk freely what he wants to share with me within that short period of time. Maybe next time I ask if I had a chance to have lunch with him before I leave.

Jack said that life move on and everyone changes life and make choices of their own life. That was what happened between Ann and Him. I could not agree more to what Jack said and the same goes with me. Going back home means that a new life again after being in this environment for quite sometime.

I promise to Jack that I will try to find her if he could give her email to me. I will tell her that I met this lovely Jack here. I can see a big smile and glowing face of Jack when I offer to do that for him.

I told Jack that I need to finish my writing and honesty it is a pain in the neck for me ask I kept on feeling nothing is good enough. I can do 10 talks to replace this writing. But, hey am I out of my mind?? No way! I must write to make it a story book and then be examined. I have to be around in the office at night when my brain works the best for writing and reading. He kept on telling me not to push it too hard. But Jack,…I left myself with no choice for now. Don’t worry I still sleep and eat when needed.

That 20 minutes conversation leave me with loads of thought and some comfort to go on after I had been struggling this morning to understand some part about my work which I have difficulty to write for a long time. Maybe a good sleep will help.

Jack left me with these thots:

1) When you really love someone, the memory stays forever in your heart and it is difficult to let go.
2) Money cannot buy that personality of nice, warm, honest & down to earth. It stays with the person.
3) Friendship stays forever in the heart no matter whom you are and where you are.
4) It is not easy to find people that can understand, appreciate & accept you as you are.

Thanks Jack for being one of those wonderful friends in my life. I will always remember you.

June 20, 2006 16:46


atn said...

ha ha ha
concluding in point form
very typical of us
ha ha

bisutulibuta said...

Jangan dok pi jatuh cinta ngan Jack pulak...ehehe..

anggerik merah said...


tu le...mula2 pusing2 lepas tu kena conclude pulak lah...hahaha..kalau tak boleh conclude nahya lah jawab nya..:-)

BTB, hahaha..itu cinta seorang kawan other feeling..I mean no muahh...hahaha.

Kak Lady said...

Suka pada kata-kata Jack itu...penuh dengan makna tersirat

Idham said...


Jack n Jill climbed up the hills...and fetch a pail of water...*smile*
when ur heart flutters while u r standing still...
is that a sign of love...I wonder? *wink*

Yes...good friendship is always wonderful.
Ensem ka si Jack tu? hehehe


simah said...

dlm tension tension tu sampai jack pun jadş satu bahan entry..tapi tu la..dlm hidup sendiri jauh dari beloved hubby ni..any good friends can make ur day anytimr kan?

anggerik merah said...

Kak lady,

Jack memang suka nak bercerita. Maybe because he find me always a good listerner. So, naturally people want to tell their story to me. Jack is one of them.


hehehe LOL...the sign of love? Yes definately. The love that I give to all friendship and those who accept me as I am. Love yang muahh tu only one love and one life...hehehe..
Jack is such a sweet man & sweet smile also. Right now I don't know how to define kacak or not as I my brain don't read people feature at this moment. But the heart of the person will tell me if he is kacak or not I guess. :-)

You are right. Anything that will create smile on my face & heart at this time is a good theraphy. I cried more than I used too and it is so normal everyday. Too many murphy law's with me off late. But I must go on..:-)

dr in the house said...

From your entries I conclude that you have been good to all the people who work around you. i remember there was another guy you got on well with and he retired. Forgot his name.

anggerik merah said...


It was Jim. He retired & moved to France. Many more in life I find these people. Especially non Malaysian. I also don't understand why. But people whom I had been with around me somehow get attached to me, like they will miss my present when I am not around. Even now, the group that I work with feel that they need me to be around. They wish I stay longer with them. I don't know what I do and sometimes I also cannot understand honestly. I just being me. I am not a person who is very approachable but when I get to know others more I develop the sence of belonging to others and vise versa. I give more of myself without expecting much in return. Sometimes I do suffer because I forgot abt myself. Lebih kurang macam tu lah.:-)