Thursday, May 11, 2006


The story is about a single mother and a daughter. The daughter is about to tie knots but she doesn’t even know who his father is. She has a dream (“I have a dream” by ABBA) of having his father to give her a way during her big day.

She found her mother’s diary written about love affair between her mother and men. Make a good guest, who among the three men could possibly be her father. She purposely invited them all, without the knowledge of her mother, to her planned wedding in the island where she and her mother live.

The mother had a broken heart (“the winner takes it all” by ABBA) of the man who left her and took away her heart a long time ago. She never wants to see this man ever again in her life…The anger, frustration and sad left the mother with bitter past.

Life and stories goes on. Everything that happens is for a reason.

Finally…the story left with happy ending.

The father and the mother of “the bride to be” are the one who tie the knots. Their dream of being together finally comes true even at their eon age.

“The bride to be” decided not to proceed as she felt that she needed sometime to taste the life at her very young age before having committed to be a wife to her beloved man.

The end.

May 10, 2006


AuntieYan. said...

Tentu best cerita ni kan??

simah said...

is this true story ker or made up story?

anggerik merah said...

Memang best. Ramai betul yang pi tengok. Mainly the elderly people. This play is so famous.

Simah, I am not sure if the story is true. Could be. Probably some info in the internet how they come up with this story.

sue said...

any story that feature mother and daughter is always great..mcm Gilmore Girls..maybe because of the bonding,love and sacrifice that bind together.

Ajzie said...

Kino(wayang) di germany semua citer dah di alihkan kan bahasa ke deutcsh tak leh kami tgk wayang buang karen aje.

anggerik merah said...

traveler, yup bery beautiful indeed.

Ajzie, a good chance to learn the language so boleh pi tengok wayang..:)