Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Enjoy life to the fullest

Sticking my butt on the chair far too long really make me feel that I need to get out from my flat.

I went for a walk around village today to inhale fresh air in a bright sunshine but chill wind. It helps to clear up my crowded brain.

While walking along the main road, I heard a car horn. The driver and passengers were waving at me. So I waved them back. Was not sure for what. I guess just for fun.

I came back and decided to write something that come into my thots...

Last week I had a walk. I was tempted to go through a narrow path in the jungle which is a jungle track behind nearby high school. Ohhh...that reminds me how much I miss jungle tracking & other rough activities.

I went half way and saw three high school boys in that jungle. I couldn't clearly see what they were doing. I changed my mind and turned back. Several incidents in the jungle with rappist and killing had make me think twice to go thru jungle track alone. I wasn't very brave to walk alone in such place.

I miss my lil man very much. Fair enough, I called him at least once every other day if not everyday. Normally I asked him any story he wants to tell me. If there was no story then he would suggest to me to create imaginary story..about anything... just to have fun and laugh.

Enjoy life was a theme for my lil man and also his other best friends.

For lil man, drawing some weird characters which I could not understand was something he enjoyed doing, even in the train to London. These characters were his imaginary characters with several fingers like octapus and weird shape as well. Just wonder when will he stop imagining such undefined characters.

Played hide and seek in the back yard was his must do activity every time we were going out somewhere.
And slumber party, in this case, a chocholate slumber party was fun activity with friends. The three boys had their huge chocholate coin each. They had a good time, giggled, laughed all night long until they falled a sleep.

What a fun things kids choose to do to enjoy life...

Sept 4, 2006


simah said...

insyaAllah one day not too long.. u will be reunited with ur lil man...u guys can make up any stories u want..any time u want..sabar je la yea? *hugs*:0)

Idham said...

:) anggerik....good thing u turned back...danger zone tu the jungle...it is a wild wild world out there...
:) rindu-rinduan satu nekmat Tuhan...linger in it...while it is there....and ahiri jugak dgn SYukur Alhamdulillah...kerana kita semua masih sehat walafiat!


sya said...

Aiman used to draw lots of weird character when he was small but when he grow up he started to write/draw comics which i found interesting character with weird story line.

But now with boarding school I did not see him draw anymore. So enjoy lil man drawing phase as much as u can.

~ahni~ said...

Haaa.... ini entry rindu kan anak....

anggerik merah said...

hugss back


Tu lah...I have to be extra coutious here.

Emm...baru tersedar yg rindu-rinduan tu nekmat Tuhan. Help to overcome melancholy & bersyukur. Thanks so much Id.


Kak sya,
Ahh...Aiman pun macam tu jugak? Memang betul lah lil man pun suka komik and novel especially Japanese one.Thanks so much for sharing Kak Sya.


Cik Ni,
memang betullah...dah lama letak template entry ni with pictures. Tapi hari ni baru tulis.

Queen Of The House said...

It's wiser to be cautious, AM.

Children find humour in almost everything, don't they? That's a cute picture .... and my, what a huge chocolate coin you have !!
Kalau loket emas besaq tu, waaaahh, kaya!

Izhal said...

you got a 'little burning torch' going on brigth there :) let him inspire you to succeed ASAP!!!

ps-comel la dia layan PDA/handset tu...

bunga rampai said...

Salam AM,

Hidup memang indah. Nikmati keindahan itu bersama rasa syukur.

Your lil man, dengan segala keindahan di sekelilingnya bakal membesar menghargai kehidupan. InsyaAllah.

bisutulibuta said...

hehehe..sorry off topic sikit..but nasib baik "a car horning"..bukan "a car horny"..

i know i know...tak relevant..hehe

anggerik merah said...


yes, especially when we are a foreigner here + muslim.

Many stories abt budak2 nih. Really humour. Also when they think like an adult about what they want to do for future..it is amazing.

Chocolate coin tu memang besaq. Ehhh..kalau loket emas memang takut nak pakai..

yes, he is my rainbow & light of my life. TQ.

Bunga Rampai,

TQ. Kadang2 terlupa bersyukur.


hahaha...actually I did double check incase I misspel it before posted the entry...
It is relevent to think like that. Bcoz, here seldom people horn. hehehe...Adeh.