Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You'll Be In My Heart

It has been a year since I first started my blog.

Very memorable and interesting journey for me in this world of blogsphere. Now is the time to pause, reflect and refresh.

Many wonderful people I know out there sharing their life stories, scribbles, jokes, poem and view on many issues. I am glad to be one of them to share mine. Most are about my life journey...

Most importantly, with some (in both real and virtual world) I had become closer as friends/buddy to share more of life journey, to support each other during happy and sad moments simply because we need each other.

We learn
We re-learn
We smile
We laugh
We cry
We hug
We wink
We flirt
We kiss


Lollies said...

awwwwwww that is nice.

happy annivessary dear

simah said...

happy anniversary!!
friends r precious indeed.. but nothing as precious as ur lil man.. any new pics of him?

have a nice weekend n happy Ramadhan..semoga Allah memberi hidayah dan petunuk kepada kita semua..aminnn

Kak Teh said...

hapoy annivesary AM! Panjangnyaaaaa list!!

UglyButAdorable said... terharu..trima meant a lot that u noticed my karut marut comments tu..happy 1st bloggervasary..may u have more wonderful entries and pics to come

maklang said...

Happy anniversary AM...

Idham said...

May your wishes come true...
May love be with you...
May Allah's blessing be yours...
May ....ermm, always come before June.

God Bless Anggerik.

Idham :(

Ordinary Superhero said...

Congrats on for the anniversary. Live everyday to celebrate!

Izhal said...

tu dia... posting yang manis :) happy bloggersary neee :)

i hope you go to heaven :) AMIN...

Queen Of The House said...

Anggerik ... tak sedar, I have been blogging for a year too. I guess we started at around the same time. Oh what a wonderful year. Happy Anniversary!!

anggerik merah said...


TQ dear. Kalau I sampai ke Qatar I will cari you. Ramai kawan2 kat sana.

TQ dear. Friendship is too precious. Walaupun tak pernah jumpa macam dah kenal lama with you & yr lovely family!

Pics later on I upload. The last pics when he was here in June.

Kak Teh,
A special thanks to you for my blog link to SS, a place I build up many many virtual friendship! Hope to meet you one day kat London ot kat Kedah/KL.

tulah bila tengok list panjang...I keep it here so that later on I will remember to visit.

I enjoy even karut marut comments..heheh. Life has to be mixed, otherwise boring kan. Later will post more beautiful pic of Scotland!

Mak lang,
TQ. Still remember yr offer to be a listening ear. TQ again.

Read yr entry abt KL. Bestnya.



TQ for all yr wishes.. Panjangnya...:-)

May ....ermm, always come before June (yang ni tak faham..nanti clarify naa..)

I do enjoy bantering with you in the blog world! And TQ for support & valuable advice.


TQ. Yes, true.. lets celebrate everyday because we only have today and we don't know what will happen tomorrow.


ehh...posting yang manis ka? hehehe..

Selamat berpacking & selamat meninggalkan Hamamatsu..Tak sedih ke nak tinggal kampung kat Jepun tuh? Dah kenal Izhal, nanti surely akan terserempak kat Msia.

Tq. Tu lah. Time flies. Exactly. You were among the first came to my blog Sept last year. And TQ for yr friendship beyond virtual world. Pls remind me abt rumah anak yatim tu ya when the time come!

S said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

How sweet to be mentioned in the group. What a lovely gesture from you.

'Happy Blog birthday'.

Sent an email to you. Cheers.

Flirtatious 'S'..he he.

~ahni~ said...

What do you mean pause, reflect and refresh?

Girl are you there?!!!!

Izhal said...

sedih juga la kak... sedih and happy at the same time...

ya ka??? kalau nampak tegur2 neee...

Ely said...

awwww, thank you! happy anniversary my dear!

anggerik merah said...

My dear flirtatious S,

TQ. So so very happy to get to know the real you.
Replied yr email.

Cik Ni,

Yes I am here dear..:-)


tu lah kan..hujan emas dinegeri orang hujan batu dinegeri sendiri...tapi nak jugak rasa dua - dua. Selamat kembali.


TQ dear..You are looking good everyday. The little one is always smiling...I can see...:-)

bisutulibuta said...

oi, bukan adiejin dah mampus ker ?

bisutulibuta said...

oh..btw, happy ulang tahun

demonsinme said...



Gemini My Love

gemini my love,
my darkness thy shove,
my light thy drove,
my still thy shake,
my fate thy make,
my fear thy wake,
my weak thy mock,
yet my heart thy lock.

why gemini why,
love be the truest of lies,
told by a mirrored faced,
one that has many graced,
forming another that has been glazed,
that set the snow ablazed,
and make a crazy man died amazed.

anggerik merah said...

yes adiejin dah mampus lama dah. But but dia pernah datang dulu a year ago..selepas dia dok promote kita pi blog dia kat auntieyan'blog. Heheh..loads of laugh at that time. Macam-macam mantra dia nak peturun...hahaha (gelak ala jin)


tima kacih

Demo my friend,

thanks for nicely written poem. It takes me a while to understand what you are trying to say simply bcoz bahasamu terlalu poetic untuk mindaku yang tak berseni ini. Walau apa pun saya akan cuba memahaminya.

Semuga hidupmu bertambah ceria hendaknya..

anggerik merah said...


Ahh...get it..this poem is very famous I was told. When it was passed to people like me..I don't know the existance of this poem. Lovely TQ.

demonsinme said...


Some body else has pass it to you? Hmmmm...never knew my blog has some other reader that my poem has been passed around. In a away I'm glad it it is.

Has said...

AM, selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan

anggerik merah said...

demon, is yr poem. Sorry I was confused. I comment in yr n3.


the same wish to you. Was thinking abt you yesterday. Glad to know that you are on yr feet again!

jubeiz said...

tahniah sebab dah cukup setahun ber"blogging". teruskan menulis.

anggerik merah said...



annckay said...

that is quite a big fan collection!

rubyahmad said...

Hi AM,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I think it is so nice to be part of 'You'll Be In My Heart' gang. Hope I will, in your second anniversary of blogging, insy.

Anyway wishing you a 'Happy Anniversay' in blogosphere.

anggerik merah said...

annckay dear,
How are you?
I list down so that I remember to go back and visit others blog.

Kak Ruby dear,

thanks for being here. Hopefully I would stay in blog world much longer. Had I not been away, I would probably not being part of blog world. Surely I am one of your fan. Keep writing!

demonsinme said...


Another gift for you...


there is a place in the east,
where man once treated as burden beast,
and tears fertelize another's bliss,
where whiplash would replace a kiss,
live a man with part of mind amiss.
forgoten the day a kris fought a christ,
remembering the day filled with blessing of the hiss,
loving the sap from a whore tits,
lavishing in lavender confusing tease.

there is a place opposite the west,
where man once laid in unholy rest,
and laughter is known by the laughing crest,
and virtues where kept in buried heavy chest,
live a man known as least best,
who wore rags of the players of chess,
and think of thoughts seen to other no more than a mess,
and held high no higher than a slave shoe dress.

there is a place in east and west mid,
where man's heart hid,
not knowing where he would bid,
a name lost in two creed,
or to take the two composite,
or left it where lost wills writ,
knowing knot why his papa grits.

anggerik merah said...



Restless said...

Awat ni? R u leaving us or something?

Restless aka Anim

anggerik merah said...


pause for a while. Buzy completing my work. Will be back again.

bunga rampai said...


Harap belum terlewat memberi ucapan. Selamat menyambut ulang tahun pertama blog :)

Moga setiap hari, setiap jam, setiap detik adalah yang terindah buatmu.

anggerik merah said...

Bunga Rampai,

terima kasih.