Monday, September 25, 2006

Oldies Collections...& wee update

10 Golden Rules by Dr Nordin Darus
Temporarily signing off,
Anggerik Merah
Wee update (sept 28, 2006)
Came back from Terawih prayer at prayer's room in campus last nite. Feel so serene walking through a quiet nite with drizzle in between car park to the doorstep of the room. It was a good break from my four wall of flat.
Was in front of my PC. Had a short chat with a close fren abt happenings. Toward the end of chatting (which quite an interesting one... make me want to go on to understand more what it is all I could have many interpretations to a puzzle post to me...)...I was disturbed by my mobile. My mind was divided into two thots at the same time, with writing and speaking. We ended the chat with salam while I was still talking to another fren abt his bad news.
The call was from an Indian fren migrated to Calgary. He was my ex-project consultant some years back. A father figure (50+) and down to earth person. He always called me at least every forthnight to track on my progress and provide loads of support on emotional ups & down wrt this process. I felt as if I am a child to him. Sometimes I felt embarrass to myself if I didn't make much progress as it should be. I have to admit at time whenever I was terribly down with homesick..I drove myself crazy until I calm down and be rational in my thinking. That is quite normal as a human being.
He called to let me know that his mother passed away and he will be travelling back to India tomorrow via London. My deepest condolence to him and his family. May his mother rest in peace. So nice of him to call to let me know the bad news. That is what fren is all about no matter where we are...we share both happy and sad moments in life..that keeps our friendship stronger...
It must be very hard to be away from family at time like this and not have the opportunity to be at mom's bedside before she left the world. But that is life and the choice that we make...We have to accept all consequences that comes along the way...
Deep in my heart, I always pray to HIM to let me be there if I ever have to face similar situation.
Life goes on...


maklang said...

Nasib baik temporary aje...sampai bila agaknya. Yelaa Ramadhan ni biasanya kita busy dari bulan2 lain.

oldtown~Smell the Roses said...

Assalamualaikum akak,
Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak & mohon maaf kalau ade salah silap jugak. Suspen je menghilangkan diri tu...Sorry lama tak singgah sini. Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa di sana dan bhgia slalu.

Count Byron said...

Salam Ramadhan AM. It had been a long time since blog visits were frequent. and hey.. lovely song you posted.. very meaningful.. thoughtful.. serene.. I am hereby wishing you all the blessings of Ramadhan.. the tranquility it brings.. and the exhaltation our spirits soar to.
And all the best in your undertakings.

CB & Countess

simah said...

glad to hear too..temporary signing off... dont be forever..

Has said...

hah, temporary could be half a day.
jangan marah.

anggerik merah said...

Ya lah maklang, nanti sambung balik bila ada kelapangan.

Oldtown smell the roses,
waalaikumsalam. Salam Ramadhan.

Le Count & Countess,

TQ for yr revisit.
Song by Zubir Ali tu, my other half send me the CD. One of the song which attract me. Hence bersesuaian dgn Ramadhan, I linked it here from U tube.

TQ for all your encouragement & moral support.Semuga Allah membalasnya.

I frequently visited yr blog to see pic of the cutee's Adeel. So comel. Keep posting more of his pic as he grows up.

Thanks so much on the entry abt AM's reunion mother & son tu as an intro to yr entry. That mean much to me.

May you & family be blessed with tranquility and always been protected by HIM.

temporarily...don't worry. Just need a pause for a while.



tak marah punya...lagi gelak ada ..kehkehkeh.
Whenever I miss you I will visit yr vogue pic tu...hilang rindu.

rubyahmad said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

Have a good break my dear. Keep in touch always.


anggerik merah said...

Kak Ruby dear,

will definately be in touch with you.

Anonymous said...


when will you be coming home? nampaknya i'll be there. again, before you balik...



anggerik merah said...

Salam Ramadhan. Haven't heard from you for quite a while. Too bz at work? Let me know when you will be here.

~ahni~ said...

Hi AM,

Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat pulun buat kerja heheheh...

Idham said...

:) salam for anggerik...

puzzle of life....puzzle of relationships....puzzle of puzzled minds.

sama kah?

mungkin jawapannya ada di tasek.


simah said...

yeah life goes we keep wishing for things or people we dearly does go on..

anggerik merah said...

Cik Ni,

selamat berpuasa to you too.
Bro. Idham,

Life is full of puzzle. Puzzle might not be a complete set, always missing pieces. But we should make do with what we have.
Macam tu lah agaknya kan..



yes it is so very true. No matter what, life goes on kan..