Saturday, September 30, 2006


Edinburgh castle and town - view from rooftop of Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

"Taking responsibility provides a sense of control - a sense that we are in charge of our own destiny"


JoKontan said...

Nampak Serene..

I wonder wot's the temperature. How does it smell. How's the ambience. Were the winds blowing. Were the bushes hissing..

Lollies said...

i feel like i can smell the air as well. oh blissnya

Kak Lady said...

AM memang selalu upload foto yang cantik2...suka tengok pemandangan yg cantik2 dari sana....

Count Byron said...

I can see, I can feel, I can smell, I almost can touch (for now, just the screen). Those're pictures of tranquility indeed. Thank you AM. Thanks for sharing.

Has said...

AM, hope you are now in a state as depicted in the pics, take care.

drbubbles said...

teringat masa pi edinburgh few years ago. naik carlton hill tgk edinburgh..memang serene abis.

Queen Of The House said...

So beautiful .... macam dalam fairy tale.

simah said...

cool photos...very serene indeed...welcome back from the temporary absence :0)

anggerik merah said...


Pics taken in June..Temp around 18 C, clear sunny day with slight cold wind. So serene...

So blisss...I just love walking around and smell fresh air & grass..
Kak lady,

Tu lah..sangat cantik. Bila dah penat membaca, boleh tengok gambar2 nih. Will upload more..

Le Count,

Glad you like it. Your old place.


yes, even if it is not, I have to tune my mind into it..

drbubbles, true..


yes yes..


TQ. Temporary off is too short..:-)

Kak Teh said...

AM, one day, one day I hope to see these places!

maklang said...

I am smelling the good food aje in the kitchen...

Bila pulak nak gi sana lagi!

Nong said...

Beutiful photoes... Peaceful and quiet...

Idham said...


from here, i can't open the photos...but from the descriptions...i can almost feel & see the beauty.

prr, have been misisng ur entries bcoz i thought u said u were going hiatus. aiyyaaa...


anggerik merah said...

Kak Teh,

mai laa..Tak jauh pun.


Ahhh...I like yr kitachen smell. Sampai sini boleh smell.

Kak Nong,



Bro Idham,

Yes, I am hiatus from writing entry for a while. But I need to see all nice pics when my eyes and brain are tired. So I decided to paste it here and share. Boleh mai tengok at the time when needed...


ruby said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

The most striking thing in the pix is the consistently beautiful clear blue skies. We had such a phenomenon yesterday after some heavy rain here. Otherwise it is so grey and dusty with haze. So sad. Take care dear.

Izhal said...

nice shots!!! love he blue...

atn said...

was in Edinburgh what? in 1991 i think, OMG dah nak dekat 2 dekat, tua nya saya

anggerik merah said...

Kak Ruby,

ohh..yes..that phenomenal haze in Msia is so annoying..Every breath is so unpleasant..

You take care too..


ahh...the blue bliss.
Tak dak entry pasal bangi ka?

ehhh..bukan tua..cuma mature..heheh.

You take care dear!