Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A glance of Egypt - part 1

A glance of Egypt....

With a short and hectic travel in Egypt...I am sharing some of the pics which mostly taken during on-land travelling (approx. 4 hours) from Cairo to Alexandria.

Reaching to pyramid on the way back from Alex to Cairo

A view from a small town as we passing to the fabrication yard in Alexandria

Intersting pics of the two woman kill their time

View from my hotel bedroom at Sheraton Montazah Alexandria overseeing Mediterranean Sea

Tamar tree with a background of radiant coloured office building within the vicinity of visited plant

Road entrance to Sheraton Montazah hotel in Alexandria

Tuk tuk in Alexandria

Toll both to Alexandria

Peagent house along the way to Alex

A butcher store in a small town of Alex

A pyramid hunter
by your truly,
Anggerik Merah
Sept 19, 2007

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