Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Drain out moment...

My energy drain out...

Feel like I want to sleep all the time. Blame it on the weather? But I told my brain not to think about weather. Even if it is forecasted to be 1 degree at nite, I feel fine as I am all the time in the building. Not been to outside much.

My officemate also complain the same. Maybe we had been too much exerted our energy last week. We slept in the office during weekend and keep doing the same thing. Our energy drain out and our productivity drop and we drag ourselves... What choice do we have?

Why must I loose this marathon?

Must find ways how to handle this enery drain out...

Focus...focus...focus... is what I need at this time.

Anggerik M,
September 26, 2007
4.25 am.

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