Saturday, September 29, 2007

The quest for beauty

It has been 2 weeks I was back to my old place. In a couple of days I will be back home again.

Capturing what had I accomplished:

1. Pre-tested the prototype before sending back to our office back home for evaluation. Approximately 2 days was spent on that.

2. Continued correcting my T. and discussed important point related to some data which I had some reservation about its validity and decided the best approach to tackle it.

3. Spent 1 week to attend course by my sup. Something that I wish I had the opportunity to attend earlier. Finally, I had chance to do that too.

4. Spring cleaned my stuff…papers, reports, references etc in the office

5. Was together with others in a big crowd to pay a last respect (2 minutes silence) to the demise of renowned Prof from our department. A very sad moment for everyone who knows him.

6. Met my second sup in front of demise Prof’s office while writing memory in the book. A shocked to also know that he had just had operation for prostate cancer. He helps me a lot in scrutinising my thesis layout and content some years ago from the perspective of very experience professor. And he is very fatherly too. I owe him much. 8 months ago, before leaving this place, the last word he said to me was “ May God help you”.

7. Attended a majlis berbuka puasa with Malaysian community here. Met many friends who know me and the new comer also.

8. Had iftar at my sup’s house to meet his lovely wife and cute 5 month old son.
Etc etc

My life is revolved within office area. The place I do my work, pray, sleep and eat. Make me realise the basic necessity in life!

I know that I will miss this memorable time of my life journey. Especially having some friends who I had a strong relationship and understand well the process that all of us going through. Share our happy and sad moments in life. I know that I will never do this again yet the experience had shape me to be what I am now.

The quest for beauty...which I captured at the Changi Airport on my transit to Cairo last 2 weeks...

Till then...goodbye for now!

Anggerik Merah

September 29, 2007


Anonymous said...


hi ya am.... tell me when you be back, for i might be back too. dah 4 hari sini dah, rindu home...



ays_as said...

salam kak AM..
its me... hows life...
selamat menyambut ramadhan...

anggerik merah said...


I am back already. Kesiankawan ku yang kat sana tu...Nevertheless, do enjoy life evry moment.


Good to hear from you after a long silence. Congratulation. So happy for you. All the best.