Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You will remain in our heart forever

I was talking to friends on Thursday that I must go and meet this Professor before leaving. He was the one who introduced me to my supervisor. I owe him much on this and I will always remember him.

In every opportunity I had chance to have discussion with him, I knew that he is a down to earth, honest and humble person. And a very knowledgeable and respectable in his area of expertise. He is no doubt, one of the well known contributor to the knowledge in our industry.

Sad news we received yesterday on his demise at the age of 59 years old. I only came to know that he suffered from brain tumor and had operation last 2 years. He passed away in his hometown in Iran on Friday, September 21, 2007.
Today, we pay a visit to his office to say goodbye and these are remain:

May his soul rest in peace and he will always remain in our heart forever.
Anggerik M
September 25, 2007
Generally from my observation, a good person don't leave too long in this world. He/she will be called back earlier in their life.


ADIEJIN said...

I am sure he is well taken care of int he after life..insyalallah..

maklang said...

Moga2 rohnya dicucuri rahmatNya..Insyaallah...

cikdinz said...

what a nice person...

ladyct said...

My uncle suddenly collapsed at the airport after returned from Korea (outstation) and passed away at the age 40+ leaving his wife and 5 good children. What a big shocked. He was my idol during my teenager time. He inspirend me very much in my study until I managed to further my studies overseas. And my good and cute brother paased away at the age 15. So, I must say that I really agree with your notes. I really miss them both.