Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A glance of Egypt - Part 2

Another collections of pics.

I let the pictures tell thousand stories as I will not have any moment now to write about it now...
Crossing over River Nile, Cairo
Somewhere near Pyramid area
Part of Alexandria township
On the way back from Alex to Cairo
Nite life in Cairo
On the way to Alex
Another butcher

In front of Sheraton Montazah, Alex overseing Mediterranean Sea

by yours truly,

Anggerik Merah

Sept 19, 2007


cikdinz said...

mcm mana suasana pose di sana...

anggerik merah said...


tak sempat posa kay Egypt. Sambut posa kat UK

idham said...

anggerik...:) i am really happy for you for managing to spare some time to sight seeing egypt...

wonderful photos...

those mule carts and buffalo carts....i have similar pictures from my previous trip...unique and magnifique kan to see those traditional mode of transport in the midst of modern living...


anggerik merah said...


actually we don't have spare time to see much of Egpt. Load of pics were taken in the car while travelling to/fro Cairo-Alex. On the way back from Alex, we passed thru pyramids area and a brief 10 minutes stop to capture the pyramid in the background plus sun set. That nite on the way to hotel, sempat singgah kat Al Khalili market for abt 1 hour to buy T-shirt & souveniers with the help of Malaysian student as translator etc. Nevertheless, we got a glance of Egypt. Many interesting life observed there. Mainly in the small village.
THose carts really attract me and very very old cars still functioning well on the road. Amazing.