Thursday, September 22, 2005

Brighter moment in a day

10:40 pm london time...back to home after having a long chat with office mate "A". I saw different you tonite. I am glad to see that. Thank you friend for giving me courage at the time when I need it...I target myself to get it done by Dec 1, 2005 as you suggested. I do not know what to do when you and others left...I have to be strong and carry on until finish..

Meeting "J's" mother outside office was great...warm hug from a loving mother although she talked something but I cud not understand Persian and she cud not understand English...but most important thing I can feel the mother's love inside her and the peaceful face that she has ..

Came back to office, just entered the house, my niece told me that she just called me at office bcoz the little one cannot sleep without me...ooooo..I knew that he miss me...I switched off the light and turned -on study light and placed myself next to him..I rubbed his eyebrow and asked him about his day today...Finally asked him whether he can sleep now and why he cannot sleep before I arrived home.. He said "it is because of you here than I feel more secure and brighter". I thot the light was on before and it must be very bright. He said " but I felt is was very dark before"....I then asked him if he miss me and he said yes...I felt very touch of his remark and I do not know what will happen a few months to come when he has to be separated from me for a must be very hard on him as well as for myself...but what choice do I have???????


AuntyN said...

Anggerik : Almost lupa janji nak datang bertandang. Anyway better late than never yaa?

Anyway, dropped by today and will do again.


anggerik merah said...

auntyn, thanks for dropping by. at this moment I do not hv interesting story to tell...just everyday punya hal. Cerita lama banyak le cuma tak sempat nak tulih. Anyway,everyday I never fail to visit yr blog and make me laugh, cry and happy...which I needs this elements to face by pressing day life here in UK. Pray for me..

AuntyN said...

anggerik : Insyaallah segala usaha akan mendapat ganjaran yang setimpal. Just hang in there OK?

It's good that my blog is helping you in a small way. Ni dah ketandusan idea ni, tak tau apa nak tulis ni, huhuhuhu

Anonymous said...

Yuhoo! Is there anybody there? Where is the latest entry?