Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I am back..

It is 21:37 now (London time) and in my office.

I am back again as promised and strong encouragement from my beloved friend "EM". Too much that I wish to write but feel very exhausted. Today is quite a hectic day for me as I have several meetings to attend and also running around in the lab preparing for my experiment. I had realised that I did not have lunch today..Then rushing to my son's school for the PTA meeting, came back to office to take measurement and here I am blogging...

Life has not been easy for me these days as I have to push myself to complete my work in this challenging subject..Never want to look back but to go throught it and get it one day. Being here for quite sometimes teach me a lot of things that I never ponder before. My friend forever "E" pointed out to me that having the title in front is a good feeling and worth the effort. But I mentioned to him that I was not looking for the title. But the most important impact for me is to be able to see things in different perspective and think probably 360 degree to make a wise decision not limited in career about also in life.. very philosophical indeed.. but that is the fact..

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